[Transcript] – A Bearded, Bad-Ass, Biohacking Beast & His Best Secrets For Enhancing Muscle, Sleep, Recovery & More!

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[00:00] Introduction/ZivaMind/ZipRecruiter

[05:40] About Anthony DiClementi

[08:59] Why Anthony Had to Reschedule Podcast with Ben

[14:20] Why Anthony uses a PEM device called OndaMed

[20:00] Why Hidden Infections are Aggravated by Hidden Variables Such as WiFi

[25:40] Anthony and Lyme Disease

[29:28] Bark Box/HealthGains

[32:15] How Anthony Keeps Himself Jacked and Strong

[42:20] Normal Earthing Mats and Grounding Mats

[43:40] Anthony’s Special Travel Hacks from Jetlag to Better Recovery

[46:21] Supplements that Anthony Considered to be as a Game Changer

[48:18] Dangerous Fillers in your Supplements

[50:00] Why Anthony is Such a Big Fan of Oysters and Why he Does a Coffee Enema

[54:25] An Alternative to Coffee Enemas for People Who Don’t Want to use Them

[56:07] Anthony’s Secrets, Biohacks, Techniques, and Strategies that More People Should Know About

[1:01:07] What Anthony’s Days Look Like

[1:06:36] End of Podcast

Ben:  Hey! What’s up? It’s Ben Greenfield and you would laugh if you saw me right now, no, you’d probably run away in sheer horror.  I’m sitting on one of these saddle chairs, these really cool ergonomically favorable saddle chairs in my office and I’m sitting spread-legged on my saddle chair, naked, with a giant infrared light blasting my sack.  That is just what I’m doing while I’m recording for you.  So if you hear a hum or a buzz in the background, that’s why.  If you have no clue why the heck I would do something like that, just go to my website and do a search for infrared therapy.  Go to bengreenfieldfitness.com and search for that.  It’s a cool little technique if you’re trying to increase testosterone or have a baby or something like that.  I’m not trying to have a baby, but I am trying to increase testosterone.

Anyways though, this podcast is about a bearded, badass, biohacking beast and his best secrets.  Notice that alliteration I did there, for muscle and sleep and recovery and more.  He’s my buddy, Anthony DiClementi.  He’s pretty cool.  You’ll like him.

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Alright, let’s go talk to Anthony!

In this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness show:

“Too much intercellular calcium is a free radical.  It oxidizes the cell.  It can drive down mitochondrial function and actually jack up the surface of the cell as well.  So, you’re not getting proper toxin and nutrient exchange and the molecular hydrogen mitigates some of those effects.”  “Do you have a hidden infection or dealing with parasites, or Epstein barr, or Lyme, or candida, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? Are you dealing with mitochondrial dysfunction? Are there other things that should be addressed and then giving them specific supplements based on what they may be dealing with.”

Ben:  Hey, folks! It’s Ben Greenfield! I first got a chance to hang out with today’s podcast guest when I was in Finland last year.  I went to this thing called an off-site after the Biohackers Summit in Helsinki, Finland and this involved trekking through the snow, out in the wilderness, hours and hours which is a long train ride outside Helsinki, and then camping in these giant army tents out in the snow in the forest.

Two things are quite memorable from that particular experience.  Number one, was that it was really interesting to see biohackers trying to survive in the wilderness who could not start a fire camp or could not sleep on cold ground.  It got me thinking just a little bit about how important it is to have that marriage of ancestral wisdom and know-how and also a touch of modern science, but not just the modern science.  Number two, I met this really cool cat, who, as we were walking back to a farm after the camping experience there in Finland, we started talking and this guy was just this never-ending well of knowledge on everything from sleep strategy to fringe strength training methods to stem cells to this amazing wealth of knowledge that I really loved to tap into for the rest of that trip.  His name is Anthony, Anthony DiClementi.

Later, Anthony sent me his book.  He actually wrote this book about biohacking secrets, it’s like this handbook.  If you’ve read my book “Beyond Training”, then this is kind of similar.  It’s just hundreds of pages jam packed with tools and tricks and tactics and techniques and things that I didn’t really know about.  He sent me that book and I though “Oh, I gotta get this cat on the show!” So, his name is Anthony DiClementi, that’s D-I-C-L-E-M-E-N-T-I.  You can access today’s show notes over at www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/biohackingsecrets which is the name of Anthony’s website and Anthony’s book.

Anthony, good to see you! I’m pleased to see, because you and I are on video right now, that you still have your enormous, badass beard that you had back when we were in Finland.

Anthony:  It’s good to see you too, brother!  And, yes, I’m definitely due for a trim and a cut of all types.

Ben:  I thought you just grew that bad boy to keep your face warmer, or something, out there in the Helsinki snow!

Anthony:  (laughs) Yeah, you know, it was something that started with just a little bit of laziness but I ended up liking it, so I kept it.

Ben:  Yeah, honestly, just opening the kimono for folks, Anthony and I have had to reschedule this podcast a couple of times.  The last time we were almost ready to record and then something went down crazy with your girlfriend and you told me when it happened, you thought it would be interesting for my audience to hear about as a way to hear about more of the things you deal with and the kind of things you do.  So, can you fill me in on why you had to reschedule last time?

Anthony:  Yeah, absolutely, man.  We were in the process of moving from Chicago down to either Florida or California, and part of the reason was because we just wanted more sunlight and access to the beach and we wanted to get out of a huge metropolitan city with 8 million people.  One of the other reasons was we realized the place that we were living in a Chicago high-rise was far from ideal in terms of unfavorable electromagnetic fields.  This was something that I was clearly being affected by a little bit, but when my girlfriend moved in with me, she was waking up with chest pain and headaches and was more tired than she’d ever been.  She’s 24-years-old, never had a health problem in her life, and all of a sudden she’s waking up with chest pain and finding it hard to drag herself out of bed.  So, when we looking for places in Florida, we kind of narrowed it down from California to Florida for a wide variety of reasons, and we ended up making a pretty catastrophic error.

You know, when you’ve got a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Well, because the problem in Chicago was we were next to someone with their high-powered WiFi router where we were sleeping, basically on the other side of a shared wall.  So, when we were checking out place, that’s all I was looking for.  I wasn’t checking for different types of EMFs – whether we’re talking wireless, whether we’re talking electric or magnetic.  And we moved into a place and we got there and we thought that all of our challenges had been solved but when we arrived, it turns out we were right next to the transformer for the entire building.  All of the cables for…

Ben:  Oh jeez!

Anthony:  This huge apartment complex were running underneath our floor.  I had been excited because I got us a ground floor loft, and I was thinking about a closer connection to the earth’s field and rather than being on top of the electricity for the entire place.  After our first night there, we went out for a nice dinner and celebrated and then the next morning, I looked at my girlfriend and asked “how do you feel?” Fully anticipating her to be like “I feel wonderful!” And she looked at me with tears in her eyes and she’s like “my chest is killing me.” She was like “something’s wrong.” Then there had been a whole bunch of times in here when we’d go camping and it’d go away or we travelled and got outside of that environment and her issues had gone away within 24-hours.  So, we linked it to EMFs and to the environment.

Ben:  What do you do about that, you being a guy who’s written a book where I know that you talk about EMF, and people listening in who may be surrounded by a lot of WiFi signals, what’s the trick?

Anthony:  Yeah, so we ended up making sure that the next place we got was a single family home.  We brought an EMF consultant to make sure that he was looking for anything I had possibly missed.  I have a Cornet trimode meter.  So, I started looking for all different types of fields which include the wireless, which is your WiFi routers and cellphones and cell towers; I was looking at the wiring of places because there’s a lot of older homes with bad electrical wiring, and can create fields of their own; then magnetic which can come from powerlines, and coincidentally, the place that we had moved to in Florida, that we were out of in two weeks was pretty bad in all three of those areas.  So, we got ourselves a single family home.  We switched our router to old school Ethernet, plug it in directly, and we’re just in a little bit more conscious about how we use tech.  I’m still on tech all day, I just do it a little differently now.

Ben:  Yeah, what do you think about this idea that, especially when it comes to the high frequencies from things like cellphones, that pulse electromagnetic fields can actually help to repair some of the cellular damage that can occur from a lot of exposure to non-native EMF.  Meaning what are called PEMF devices, oddly enough I happen to be wearing one on my butt right now ‘cause I pulled my hamstring doing single-leg deadlifts yesterday.  But, I’m curious if you use anything, not only to remove yourself from the exposure, but also to repair some of the damage.

Anthony:  I have a number of PEMF devices.  One of my favorites is the Ondamed machine.  I was actually getting ready to do a short session of that and then I realized that I didn’t have quite enough time before you and I got on here to hang out, but I’ll probably do it a little bit later this afternoon.

Ben:  You just got to get a portable one you can wear on your butt like me.

Anthony:  Yeah, are you using the flexibles?

Ben:  No, it’s called…  I have one called the Flex, and for those of your listening in, this is just a form of electromagnetic frequency that is more healing to the body rather than excessively stimulating or powerful like a cellphone.  No, what I have on my butt is something I’m actually trialing right now.  I believe it’s called the OmniFlex or something like that.  Anyway, once I finish trialing it, I know if it’s efficacious, I’ll let folks know on my Facebook page or on the podcast.  What’s the Ondamed?

Anthony:  So, the Ondamed is a pulse electromagnetic field device that has been used for a few decades now in the treatment of chronic illnesses, for anti-aging benefits, performance optimization and everything in between.  There’s a number of people who have them.  I don’t remember where I first found out about it, but I probably tried 15 different machines before I invested in this one.  The first week I used it, I used it for an hour a day, every day and you use autonomic response testing, or basically you’re checking your pulse to see which frequencies your body responds to and when you feel a stronger pulse, that’s one of the programs that you want to run.  So, for a week, I ran the programs that my body had responded to…

Ben:  What do you mean when you feel a stronger pulse?

Anthony:  Yes, so the way that you do it, let’s say if I were checking you…  And Silvia Binder is one of the founder’s behind it.  Her husband, Rolf, the innovator that created it.  But one of the firsts things that you do and what really brings a personalize component to the Ondamed that I love, is you put three different applicators: one goes around your neck, one is a long applicator pad that can on the chest, kind of like where the chakras, so to speak, would exist or it can go along the spine and really stimulate the CNS, and then you have the hand wand that can go to different locations wherever treatment is needed.  And you put the neck applicator on the individual, and then you scroll through the different settings.  There’s about 160 of these programs and you’re feeling the pulse of the individual who is wearing the applicator around their neck and you can actually feel a stronger pulse on certain frequencies, on certain programs.  In doing that, you just make a little note, that is a program this individual…

Ben:  So, you’re not talking about heart rate pulse.  You’re talking about the actual pulse from the machine?

Anthony:  No, the pulse of the heart rate!

Ben:  Oh really?

Anthony:  You’re feeling the individual’s wrist and when you feel a stronger pulse coming from their heart, you make a note of that program that initiated it and then that’s what you want to run.

So, I did this for a week, one hour a day and I was never a flexible guy, like gym class sit-and-reach I could barely touch the board.  Then, after a week, I could almost do the splits for the first time in my life as like a 34-year-old man.

Ben:  Wow! That’s really cool! I’ll hunt that down.  Is there a best place to get it or is it just the Ondamed website?

Anthony:  Yeah, I’ll connect you with the owner, Silvia.  She’s fantastic! You’ll want to do an hour or so of training with her.  She makes something that could be really complex quite simple.

Ben:  So, listeners couldn’t just buy this for their house?

Anthony:  They can, but they would also probably want to do an hour training.  You can learn it.  They have a short user guide that’s very helpful, but doing an hour with Silvia and being able to ask questions, they’re phenomenal about helping people who invest in their technology.  They have a mission to change the world and they realize how important it is for people to actually know how to user their device in order for that to happen.

Ben:  Okay! Cool! Got it.  Hook me up and then I’ll put some link on the show notes for people over at bengreenfieldfitness.com/biohackingsecrets.  I want to delve into some of your biohacking secrets.  But, before we do, I know that you kind of have a journey, I believe, with Lyme? That kind of got you into this in the first place?

Anthony:  Yeah, Lyme was the diagnosis that makes the story simple to tell, but around 2011, I went from being this guy who was always in decent shape, I played competitive sports all my life and in my senior year of college, our club team won a national championship and in 2011, almost out of nowhere, I couldn’t get out of bed.  My entire body ached, I had a testosterone of a 75-year-old man, the memory of a goldfish, and things were just falling apart.  I started isolating myself.  I tried to get more strict with my diet and exercise harder, I would go do a crossfit workout that I could do, but I was exercising tons, I was out of commission for 24 to 48 hours and it was that that made me realize that my model of what were the primary drivers of human health at the time, me thinking diet and exercise like many people still believe, I realized it was a flawed paradigm and I had to start looking in uncommon places for answers.

After 11 doctors, the 11th doctor in 12 months, I’m sitting in the office with my mom, which probably only the Italian people listening think it’s normal, everybody else thinks a 29-year-old man going to the doctor with his mom is in pretty bad shape.  And when the doctor came out and said the same five words I heard before that “there’s nothing wrong with you.”  I was like “this is on me.” No one is going to figure this out in 13 to 16 minutes, which is about how long his appointment were and my health, my wellbeing, and my future is my responsibility.  I had to figure out what is the truth and what moves the needle because I can’t get much more strict with my diet.  I can’t be any more paleo; I can’t be any more keto; I can’t work out any harder, there has to be more!

Ben:  So, at that point you just started…?  I’m just curious what you did for Lyme specifically? I get a lot of questions from people about Lyme, I’m kind of curious if you have a few tips you could throw out about specifically tactics that you used to heal yourself.

Anthony:  Anyone here who’s listening that suspects Lyme, I would encourage them to do a minimum one week, but ideally two weeks of zero EMFs.  Not to sound redundant, but I really do believe this is one of the most pernicious, underlying health issues affecting people.  Few individuals who are impacted by it have any idea that this is the driver.  So, I have something inside our membership community called the “7-day biohackers circadian reset” or something like that.  Basically it involves going camping and you’re unplugging from your devices, you’re getting away from WiFi routers, you’re getting away from being on your phone 24/7 and having on your laptop on your lap all the time.  In doing that, not only separating ourselves from the non-biocompatible frequencies that can throw our body off, and reconnecting with getting our shoes off and stuff that you and I were doing in Helsinki and getting in natural bodies of water, those sorts of things.  After a week to ideally two weeks of that, you will have much more clarity on how many symptoms you are experiencing are actually due to an infection versus your environment.

Ben:  Really? So, I think a lot of doctors would laugh at that.  They would honestly think that you’re crazy to suggest that an actual infection, like a tick-born or tick-spread infection or something that’s infecting the cells like Lyme, would actually be more related to EMF than the actual infection or cellular damage itself.  What do you say to that?

Anthony:  Yeah, I mean I really do think that’s where we’re at right now.  I think a lot of doctors back in 1950 who may have heard that if you told the doctor back then that cigarettes were bad, they probably would have laughed as well.  Now it’s kind of life, it’s common knowledge and it’s obvious and it will be there with these electromagnetic frequencies in the next 10 to 20 years.

Ben:  What about any other supplements or dietary strategies or things like that that you did to kill the infection?

Anthony:  Yeah, so you definitely want to make sure you’re taking substances to kill the infection.  Actually, as we’re talking, my dad is here with us in Florida because he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago, and up in Chicago it’s less than ideal environment in terms of sun exposure and everything else.  So, we brought him down here and he’s got a light, actually, underneath his tongue called the TheraLumen that uses certain light frequencies to kill pathogens in blood.  That’s a device that’s been used by a number of other Lyme clinics, some of the same clinics that people go to and stay for weeks or months and on depending on how severe their case is.

Ben:  What’s it called again?

Anthony:  It’s called the TheraLumen.  It’s actually a specific device that a company’s pivoting to and they’ve released this thing called a SpectraMini.  So, there was a study in December 2016.  I’m sure you saw it where they reversed Alzheimer’s 50% in rats.

Ben:  Was that the one where they used a 40 hertz frequency on the head? Or the photobiomodulation kind of thing?

Anthony:  Yes exactly! So, David High who is one of the innovators behind millennial health systems in Eden’s Pulse, he saw that study and they immediately made a human version of the device that has both a PEMF pad and a light setting or light applicator that you could put behind the head to stimulate the optic nerve that way or you could actually look at the light the way that it was done in the study for the rats.  But what they did was they took these rats with Alzheimer’s  and in using this 40 hertz frequency, they were able to get 50% reduction in beta amyloid plaque, which is one of the main indicators of Alzheimer’s and they did it in a matter of days!

Ben:  Wow! And how is this different that the one that I own? I have the VieLight.  Mine is the VieLight Neuro, and it’s the alpha, it creates a 10 hertz frequency for alpha brain wave focus.   It’s one that you wear on your head but they also make one called the gamma that’s a 40 hertz that’s designed for Alzheimer’s patients and for dementia.  Is that just different from the TheraLumen in that it’s for your head versus the TheraLumen being for the whole body to target things like Lyme?

Anthony:  Yeah, so the way the spectrum works is the light applicator pad is a big rectangle and it’s padded so you can lay on it and had it behind your head and the light penetrates the skull and stimulates the optic nerve in that way.  In contrast, the VieLight gamma has the lights placed strategically around the skull and then, I believe, if it’s like their other ones, it’s like an intranasal LED.

Ben:  Yeah, the nose probe, the nostril probe.

Anthony:  Yeah, the nostril probe.  I don’t have the Gamma, I have their Neuro and a number of their other ones and I love them.  One of my clients whose professionally or the number one ranked or Muay Thai champion on the East Coast.  He has the Gamma and loves it as well.  How many 40-hertz lights do you need, right?

Ben:  So, did you use that when you had Lyme?

Anthony:  I used the TheraLumen and I still use it strategically to clean the blood.  I’m a big advocate of cycling, parasite cleanses, reintegrating things like samento and cat’s claw and some of the antivirals that we know can impact Epstein barr which is one of the drivers of chronic fatigue.  So, I’ll keep a lot of these things as a regular part of my rotation to keep the blood clean especially if I start feeling anything that is a deviation from me being at the top of my game.

Ben:  Is that in your book? Do you have a Lyme protocol in your book?

Anthony:  I don’t! A ton of people have asked about it and a huge challenge with it is the amount of personalization that’s required.  I think, in the near future, I’m working on something that I’ve simplified a lot of the stuff that’s in the book, and everything that we’ve done in the past two years now since I started writing the book.  I think there are ways we can reach a lot more people and it wouldn’t require the one-on-one personalization with me.  It’s a project on the backburner right now, but that will pertain to Lyme and include a lot of the things that we’re talking about and then some.

Ben:  Okay, got it! Now, before I ask you about strength training because you’re pretty freakin’ jacked man, so I want to hear about some of the things you do for that, this whole deal with EMF, to close the loop on that, what’s the best way for people to test? If they’re going to test their home for EMF, do you have a preferred method?

Anthony:  100% get a consultant! Get a building biologist.  There’s a website that we’ll put on the show notes.  I’ll give it over to you.  You can find an EMF consultant in your area, have them come in and do it.

Before we even had a consultation done on any place that we were thinking about moving, I brought my Cornet tri-mode meter in there and I looked at all three types of fields.  There were a few different properties that I thought were good and then the consultant came in and caught something that I didn’t even realize.  You know, like stuff that I wouldn’t think about like the house’s grounding system.  How well is the home designed to actually release the voltage and charge of our body just from us interacting with electronics, if the grounding system of your home is poor, your body retains that voltage where it continues to have negative biological effects.

Ben:  Yeah, I think I know the list you’re talking about.  Is it the one on electric sense?

Anthony:  I’m not familiar with that one.  Actually, Nick Pino, who wrote The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, gave me a list.

Ben:  That’s a great title! Okay, cool.  Well, send that over to me and I’ll also send over a list that I have.  I live out in the middle of the forest where everything is hardwired: Ethernet cable, parabolic microwave antenna for the WiFi that just concentrates the signal to one tiny spot in the house, and no Bluetooth, no WiFi, very few high energy appliances, we’re powered by solar, et cetera.  But I’m still having a consultant come in, at the time of this recording, in about two months to just do a walkthrough just because I’m curious.  Just out of sheer curiosity.  I’ve walked through the house with one of these tri-filled meters and I’ve found very, very low levels everywhere but I, like you, just not only do I want to help educate people about areas that are producing notoriously high levels of EMF that I wasn’t otherwise aware of, then I want to know about it, but I also want to be able to tell other people about it.  So, I’m hiring a consultant in a few months to come up to my place.

Anthony:  You’re a wise man!

[Music plays]

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And now, back to today’s show.

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Ben:  Like I mentioned, I’m curious what you do for fitness, specifically what your strength training routine or your muscle routine looks like? You’re a pretty big guy; you’re strong; you keep yourself in pretty good shape; you’re not one of these skinny, weak biohackers that is easy to kill.  Tell me what it is that you’re doing.

Anthony:  Yeah.  So, my background was very much bodybuilding-focused as I came up.  I read Muscle and Fitness and Men’s Health and all those types of magazine.  Even though I played soccer, I wanted to put on size and have muscle.  At a young age, I played defense, I was never really the fastest guy, but if I could knock the skinny forwards off the ball, I knew that kind of levelled the playing field.  I was not much bigger but around the same size or a little bit bigger in college and then the years after before I modified my training program.  And when I started seeing my health deteriorate, as I stopped and really payed attention to my training which was compound lifts, it was your bench press, your barbell squat, your barbell deadlift, overhead press pull-ups, things like that.

I started realizing that once I got over 185 to 225 pounds for reps, there really was diminishing returns and it actually made me more susceptible to injuries.  Now, whether that was related to the underlying inflammation from Lyme or these other things we’re talking about, I’m not sure.   But, I also noticed that when I stopped neglecting my cardio which is maybe a product of soccer training, I just always put off any type of running until two weeks before the season and I would just kill myself and vomit all over the place after every training session…

Ben:  Right.  You’re the complete opposite of me who embraces cardio but tends to shoo strength training or at least did for a long time until I really got my head wrapped around the benefits of strength training.

Anthony:  Yeah, exactly!  We have the tendency to do what we’re good at.  It feels good, we get our ego stroked, and people that are natural lifters have a tendency to lift more weights, people that are good at cardio tend to gravitate towards that.  But, I found that when all I could do was yoga and really gentle cardio, my brain started coming back on Lyme and I started feeling better and I started noticing my mood coming back.  Things that had disappeared for years, including my sex drive, all started coming back when I, as you say, “built a bigger aerobic engine.”

So today, I do the strength training, before you and I jumped on, I was outside.  When I’m doing work, I’ll work for 25 minutes and then I’ll take a 5 minute break.  During that 5 minute break, I’ll do pull ups or push ups or jump on the rebounder and take my pants down and get the sun there for the testosterone boosting benefits.

Ben:  You jump on the rebounder with your pants down?

Anthony:  Indeed, indeed I do.

Ben:  Is that uncomfortable, the flopping around?

Anthony:  It was a little bit, but you get used to it pretty fast.

Ben:  Okay.  I’ll take your word for it.

Anthony:  And now, strength training, I do basically what I need to maintain strength and keep muscle mass, but I’m not trying to get any bigger.  I find that keeping the cardio, keeping the hot yoga, keeping the outdoor, shirtless jogging as the majority of my program.  It works better for me with my goals right now.

Ben:  What about, like in my office I have a lot of these fringe tools laying around.  Behind me I have this Live O2 unit that allows for hypoxic and hyperoxic training on my bicycle next to it.  And I’ve got a power platform, vibration platform out in the living room and I have one that just arrived today: it’s an X3 Bar, some kind of little bar for isometric training.  I’ve worked out on an ARX Fit machine which kind of forces you into an eccentric contraction with like 600 pounds of pressure.

There’s all these machines out there, and as a guy who’s written biohacking secrets, I’m curious if you have specific tools or little biohacks that you’ve used that go outside the scope of walking in the sunshine and lifting a barbell as practical and easily accessible as those things are.  I’m curious if you have any other fringe methods.

Antony:  Yeah, you know, I’ve heard great things about the ARX machine.  I haven’t personally used it.  I turned our garage into a gym where I have those adjustable weight, power blocks, that go up to 70 pounds.  So, I have dumbbells that go up to 70 pounds and I use those for strength training.  I have a bunch of equipment from of the guys over at Fitwood, I’m sure you’re familiar with them.  They make at-home-work-equipment that actually looks good.  So, your wife or girlfriend isn’t going to hide it in the closet.

Ben:  I had $2000 worth of Fitwood equipment in my garage that we just gave away on the Ben Greenfield Facebook page.

Anthony:  Oh, nice!

Ben:  Beautiful fitness gear!

Anthony:  It’s phenomenal!  Someone’s lucky!

Ben:  I only gave it away because I already have a bunch of extra.

Anthony:  Nice.  I have a Concept2 row machine.  I love doing it and at Biohacking we all do the 500-meter row challenge where you go on there and see at level 10 difficulty how fast you can row 500 meters.  It’s like the hardest minute and 20 seconds to two or three minutes of your life.  Besides that, I love whole body vibration machines.  I was a member at a gym in Chicago that had the Power Play Pro.  I used to work that into my weekly routine.  I haven’t since I moved to Florida.  I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that I think is out there…  I haven’t seen anything that to me, was better than old school.

Ben:  Yeah, I agree.  Sometimes you just got to put in hard work and blood, sweat, and tears.  Although, I did, for those of you listening in, you should listen to my podcast with the guy who runs the IHMC, Ken Ford, I just interviewed him.  He talks about the exoskeleton they’re developing that you wear that literally allows you to target via an extreme isometric or eccentric contraction of any body part.  It’s literally like an Ironman suit that you wear that was originally developed for astronauts that they’re now trying to make palatable for the general population.  So, listen to that one with Ken Ford.  I’ll put a link to that one in the show notes if you guys want to hear about a really cool cutting edge thing that makes you look far sillier than lifting a kettlebell, but hey, it’s an option.

So, hand in hand with training would go with recovery and sleep.  I noticed in the book you talk about a tested, proven, retested sleep strategy implemented by the Navy Seals that could increase cognitive function and increase physical performance.  So, I’m curious in terms of sleep hacking, what one of the strategies you talk in your book is that you find flies under the radar that’s something that is a real dial mover for you?

Anthony:  Yeah.  So, the three things that really would make a big difference in anyone that’s struggling with sleep, unplugging the WiFi or going, like you and I have done, and getting the Ethernet hardwired in, cold plunges specifically ice baths are phenomenal, we have the Clearlight Infrared Sauna in the garage that you actually…

Ben:  What do you mean? You do cold plunges in ice baths before bed or earlier in the day?

Anthony:  We’ll do it in the afternoon or evening.  So, we’ll do half an hour in the sauna then we’ll do a five minute ice bath and then we’ll do another half an hour in the sauna then we’ll do another five minute ice bath.  My sleep scores on the Oura ring and especially in deep sleep are always 2-3x what they are without the ice baths involved and I saw the same thing in Chicago.

Ben:  Do you finish with the ice bath? I find that I’m kind of cold and I like to finish with almost a lukewarm shower, maybe it’s because I’m so lean? I almost feel like I’m shivering before bed and then I get hungry and then eat copious amounts of food when I’m shivering.  So, do you finish with the sauna or do you finish with the shower or how do you do it?

Anthony:  If I’m feeling high in the willpower and discipline category then I’ll end on cold and ride it out and force my body to heat itself back up.  It’s by feel.  I don’t just do it because I think that has our little mitochondria working harder.  If I feel like garbage and I feel like I need to get in a lukewarm shower, then I’ll do that.  But, most of the time I end on cold and let my body do its thing.  If it needs a little boost, maybe I’ll throw on some sweats.

Ben:  So, you mitigate EMF, you like to do the hot-cold thing later on in the day, and what would you use as a third strategy especially for deep sleep, if you could name one more?

Anthony:  I’ve seen some pretty profound benefits using the earthing sheet with a ground stake, not plugging in into the wall.  That was a mistake that I did back in the Chicago high rise due to lack of other options.  But, in integrating an earthing half sheet that connects to a cable and you plug and you put a spike down into the ground, I’ve seen some pretty substantial improvements in sleep from that as I have in a number of clients.

Ben:  What’s that called?

Anthony:  So, the company is called Earthing and it’s called an earthing half sheet.  It’s basically about the size of half of a king bed, a little bit less, and you lay on top of it and if you sleep with limited clothing, it connects you with the earth’s field.

Ben:  Okay, so you can probably find that on Amazon I would imagine?

Anthony:  Yeah!  They’ve got them on Amazon.  If you just Amazon search “earthing half sheet” it’ll come up.  They have a number of different ones…

Ben:  How is that different from a grounding mat?

Anthony:  So, a lot of the grounding mats, I’ve seen mixed results with myself and other people plugging them into the wall.  That’s what the company recommends if you don’t have the ability to plug it into the ground.  I’ve seen that actually ‘cause some unwanted effects like agitation and irritability and even heart palpitations.  So, the benefit of plugging it into the earth is you don’t expose yourself to other things.  If it’s a grounding mat and you have your mat plugged into the ground, then it’s similar.  You’re just on it for eight hours.

Ben:  What about when you’re travelling? Do you take this with you when you travel or do you have something else that you use when you’re travelling?

Anthony:  I don’t, but I probably will.  I probably will in the future.  When I travel, I make sure I land.  I get plenty of molecular hyrodgen with me to mitigate some of the high EMFs on the plane.  I land and I try to get a work0ut in right away.  I’ll usually do a 40 to 60 minute jog outside shirtless, get a real good sweat, and then I’ll earth.  Ideally, I’ll get in a lake or a stream or whatever body of water if the ocean is around there, great.  But if I just need to get barefoot in the grass, I’ll do that.

Ben:  Got it.  What about portable PEMF devices that kind of simulate the earth’s frequency.  I’ll travel sometimes with a Delta Sleeper that you put on your collarbone or there’s another one called the Earth Pulse that I’ll put underneath my mattress.  Do you travel with anything like that or have any special travel hacks that you use from jetlag to better recovery when you’re travelling?

Anthony:  Yeah, for a while I was doing everything.  I was using the Delta Sleeper.  I still bring the delta sleeper with me on a good amount of trips, the earth pulse is a little bit more cumbersome to travel with and set up and I use the Human Charger if I’m going to be covering a lot of distance and changing multiple time zones, I’ll use the Human Charger.  But, it’s usually like the simple stuff like the exercise and the earthing, getting a real good sweat, that make a big, big difference for me and I’m pretty regimented with the molecular hydrogen too.

Ben:  What do you do as far as molecular Hydrogen, why would you use that?

Anthony:  Yeah, there’s a couple of types that Dr. Patrick Flannigan has, one called MegaHydrate and then there’s a few others.  There’s tablets called Hydra and then the other one is Advance H2.  I’ve used all of them and I like all of them honestly.

The molecular hydrogen is actually one of the few antioxidants that’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier and get into the cells and neutralize some of the high amounts of intracellular calcium that we’re exposed to around EMFs.  So, that’s some of the newer research that Martin Paul has released where he’s seen that EMFs from WiFi and cellphones, a lot of the mechanism that they work through is they cause issues with the voltage-gated calcium channels on the surface of our cells.  And too much intracellular calcium acts as a free radical.  It oxidizes the cell, it can drive down mitochondrial function, it actually jacks up the surface of the cell as well so you’re not getting proper toxin and nutrient exchange.  The molecular hydrogen mitigates some of those effects.

Ben:  Interesting.  Would that be very similar to those molecular hydrogen tablets that you can just buy from Amazon again, for example, to dissolve in water?

Anthony:  I would imagine, yeah.  I haven’t seen much of a difference between Patrick Flannigan’s MegaHydrate, the Hydra molecular hydrogen, and the other one who I think the name is Advance H2 but I haven’t seen much of a difference between them.  They all work well.  We have my dad using them, my girlfriend uses them occasionally.  Anytime that you’re exposed to a lot of free radicals and free radical production would be beyond what’s beneficial, it can be warranted to take some of those.

Ben:  Do you take other supplements that you consider to be real game changers that not a lot of people know about?

Anthony:  Yeah!  I take a ton.

Ben:  That’s kind of funny because a lot of people I talk to who are very into longevity, there’s very few that follow that pathway that say “ancient man didn’t take supplements”- which isn’t true because ancient man used essential oils, and mortar and pestle, and tinctures of different supplements and roots and extractions but that’s a rabbit hole.   What I’m getting at is that a lot of people who are planning on living a long time, they‘re swallowing like 60 to 70 pills a day when I talked to these people and using different oils and tinctures and blends and topicals.  So, I don’t find that shocking or surprising that you say you take a lot.  What would be the biggies?

Anthony:  Yeah, a lot of the big ones are the ones that revolve around energy production.  So, your d-ribose, your NAD+, NADH lozenges, I have some MTHFR things going on where I need higher amounts of B-vitamins.  So I’ll take a product called Thorne Methylguard Plus, I’ll talk a bioactive B12, either methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin or adenosylcobalamin sublingually along with some sublingual methylfolate and tons of magnesium, either magnesium glycolate or magnesium malate.  I take a good amount of DHA.  I love a product by Nordic Nationals called 1000, I take four of those every day.  I notice that mood and cognition and everything is much better when I’ve got that in the routine.  Probiotics occasionally.  Those are some of the big ones.  There are probably a small handful of people who take more supplements than I do and it’s like Ray Kurzweil or Suzanne Summers, and some of them.

Ben:  What do you do about all the encapsulation? It’s a lot of capsules and a lot of fillers inside of the capsules.  Does that ever worry you?

Anthony:  Yeah, I’m pretty particular about the ones that I use and do a good amount of due diligence on the front end looking at what else is in there, working with companies that are very committed to high quality standards.

Ben:  Yeah, doing the homework on supplements is pretty important.  I heard you mention that you take the Thorne-form of methylation support like, that’s a perfect example.  I’ve gone and toured their facilities and a lot of manufacturers or nutritional supplements will add lubricants to let the powders flow through the manufacturing equipment faster and one of the most common lubricants is magnesium stearate and that actually reduces the absorption rate, in many cases, of the nutrients that are in what you’re actually taking.  So, for example, they don’t use any magnesium stearate; it means it takes them a lot longer for them to manufacture any given batch of a product but by avoiding that, that’s one less competition based filler that’s in the actual supplement.  So, I agree.  You have to choose some of these brands that aren’t necessarily the first and cheapest thing that pop up on Amazon or in the bargain bin at the super supplement store.

Anthony:  Absolutely, man.  I think a lot of people are selling themselves short by doing the supplement of the month club or trying 10 different things at a time without really being able to isolate which ones are providing the benefits or maybe making them not feel amazing.  It’s hard to trust a lot of the reviews on Amazon and some of these websites now with some of the options available for purchasing them and things like that.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah.  So, in addition to supplements, obviously diet is a big component of fueling your body.  I’m just curious what you found to be a big win from a dietary standpoint or whether you make a particular dietary recommendation in your book.  Also, before I forget, do you lay out some of these supplement protocols that you do in your book as well?

Anthony:  Yeah, in the book I lay out a number of…  There are hundreds of supplements that I talk about but I talk about them based on what the individual is trying to achieve, right.  And it’s okay for someone to hear that vitamin D is good for me and then go take vitamin D, but a lot of what we end up taking, knowing that our time and our energy and our financial resources are limited, should depend on our goals and our health status.

So, in the book, we’re walking people through okay, here’s the foundational elements that help make a healthy human being: your nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep, supplements, hydration, light, mindset, and habits, but then there’s troubleshooting.  Do you have a hidden infection, are you dealing with parasites or Epstein barr, or Lyme or candida or small intestine bacterial overgrowth, are you dealing with mitochondrial dysfunction, are there other things that should be addressed and then giving them specific supplements based on what they may be dealing with.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah.  What about from a dietary standpoint?

Anthony:  From a dietary standpoint, I’m about 80% plants, a lot of those plants are vegetables, but I do fruit predominantly organic berries, but I get into other stuff when I’m more physically active.  So, 80% plants and healthy fats and then the other 20% is protein, but the protein is skewed heavily towards wild-caught seafood, 18 oysters a week which is a lot of the times, that’s our meal out, fresh wild-caught fish, making sure we’re doing the regular detoxification stuff.

Ben:  Why are you such a big fan of oysters?

Anthony:  You get the DHEA and it’s not denatured which can happen when you start cooking the fish.  So, you get higher amounts of bioavailable DHEA and then you also get some of the things like zinc and magnesium that we know help our male hormones do what they’re supposed to do and keep the sex drive high.  So, that’s one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of them

Ben:  And you mentioned coffee enemas as well.

Anthony:  Yeah, I was introduced to a girl in 2013, who in 2007 she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer, her name was [52:47] ______.  My friend was like, you’ve got to meet this girl, the stuff she does is insane.  She was telling me about the [0:52:54] ______ protocol which is used by a lot of people dealing with cancer and it saved her life.  She was supposed to be dead in a few months, it’s now 2017, she has two kids, she was never supposed to have kids and one of the things she was doing is coffee enemas.  And, she told me a little about the science and how it stimulates liver function through the hepatic portal vein and you get this boost in glutathione and I’m like that’s interesting!

I started researching and it checked out and I said “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” There were tons of people who had talked about how it had changed their life.  So in 2013, I did my first coffee enema and felt almost, I mean actually truth be told, the first one was a disaster, I had butt coffee all over my bathroom but after I got the hang of it, I felt almost euphoric! Just tons of energy, mood uplifted, things that in 2013 I was still struggling for to have as a consistent part of my life.  In two to three weeks I had about 10 pounds of stubborn fat around my mid-section, it wasn’t anything serious, people probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t take my shirt off, but it just went away!  And it was stuff I couldn’t get to go away from dietary changes and exercise.  I started detoxing better with the coffee enemas and in a short period of time, the fat just fell off.

Ben:  And for people who are nervous about doing coffee enemas or sticking a tube up your butt, there’s a lot of suppositories these days that can achieve a similar effect for example, I make this all the time with my travel and everything to do something like a coffee enema to get all those benefits that you just talked about, but there’s one called that I’ve been using lately called Glytamins and it’s just a very simple suppository.  Same thing, just a little bit of a detoxification support and you just put it into your booty and you hold it for… Honestly, I’ll put it in before bed at night and it kind of just detoxes me while I’m asleep.  Then I’ll get up in the morning and when you go to the bathroom, whatever is left in there comes out.

That’s a perfect solution if you’re not a big fan of a full on coffee enema.  I don’t think that you can find that one on Amazon.  It’s called a Glytamins Suppository if you were just to do a Google search for it they’re all the same.  You can buy it from any number of different supplement websites I believe.  I’ll try and put a link for you guys in the show notes.  Not cheap, it’s close to 100 bucks for a little box of them, but you save a lot of time.  So, there are solutions besides just doing a full on tube up the butt and generating… what do you call it, Anthony? Poop coffee?

Anthony:  Yeah, the butt coffee.

Ben:  Yeah, butt coffee.

Anthony:  That’s cool! Did you notice any difference in doing the Glytamins or are you detoxing so regularly that it isn’t even perceptible?

Ben:  Yeah, I feel, in my case, I have better bowel movements.  Yeah, you feel a little bit more clean.  I’ll just use it once every three or four days or so.

Anthony:  Nice!  That’s cool, man.  I’m going to go check it out.

Ben:  I’m curious, in the time that we have left, what are some of the bigger things that you’re doing, in terms of especially, because the name of your book is “Biohacking Secrets”, or biohacks or secrets or techniques and strategies that you’re using that you think more people should know about?

Anthony:  I moved to Florida to make sure that sunlight was a part of every day.  That was one of the things that I realized time and time again really moved the needle for me, mood boost, improved cognition, clarity, and energy.  It’s too hard to get the sun in the winter time in Chicago and I wasn’t getting the benefits using tanning beds and those sorts of things.  So, we picked up and moved to Florida.  That’s been huge for us! Cleaning up our environment for EMFs.  I’m still on tech a lot of the day, but I’m just doing it smarter than I was in the past.  That’s made a huge difference.  The PMF machine, the Ondamed has helped a lot.  The earthing sheets, the Clearlight infrared sauna which you introduced me to has been huge.  We brought a sauna to Florida and that shows how much we love that thing! So, thank you for pointing me to that.  I think you recommended that in Helsinki.

Ben:  Yeah, absolutely.  I’m in mine all the time! Do you use any niacin or flushing-type of compounds before you get into the sauna?

Anthony:  Yeah, so I take niacin every day usually between 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of the full flush.  A few times in the past, I’ve done it before the sauna and repeatedly I have a tendency to do things that I would recommend clients not to, so, not slowly ramping up my dosage, I would go from 2,000 milligrams to 4,000 milligrams right before a sauna and was in there for 60 minutes and I had a little bit of a die-off reaction afterwards.  I had a headache two or three hours afterwards.  So, now I kind of just keep the niacin as a daily thing and I jump in the sauna and I bring something called the Light Works by Sota that uses 660 nanometer red light and it combines that with frequencies like the Schuman and Tesla and general harmonics frequencies.

Ben:  What’s it called?

Anthony:  It’s by a company called Sota and this company is really amazing!  I get zero benefit from recommending their stuff but it’s so good, I talk about it all the time.  The company is Sota, S-O-T-A, and they developed something called the Light Works which has a panel that you hold and it’s like a paddle and has a circular applicator and on one side you have infrared, on the other side you have straight red, you know the 660, and they combine that with some of the beneficial frequencies and it runs through about eight to 10 of these frequencies when you turn it on.  So, I’ll take that into the sauna with me and use that on different parts of the body to accelerate healing and recovery or if you just want to put it on your forehead to fight premature aging which is beneficial there too.  Yeah, so that’s some of the ways I use that.  They also make something called the Silver Pulser that allows you to make your own colloidal silver at home with distilled water.

Ben:  What would you do with colloidal silver?

Anthony:  Colloidal silver? With the homemade stuff, when I was dealing with Lyme and some of these other infections, I would drink it.  I slowly built up to about two cups today and I would use it.  It has one setting that will allow you to make the colloidal silver, it can be used as a deodorant, it has natural anti-bacterial properties, but it can also be safely ingested especially if you go slow to minimize any die-off reaction.

Then, on the other end, it has an applicator that uses a low level electric current that you apply to the wrist – the radial and the ulnar arteries and that low level current also kills pathogens in the blood and helps your body get rid of viruses and bacteria and fungi and mold and parasites.  And anyone listening would want to work up slowly with that. They have a protocol too where you start with just a half an hour every other day and then you gradually work up to where you’re wearing the thing as much as you can during the day.  That’s been helpful for a lot of clients and has been helpful for me too although it’s a little bit uncomfortable to wear, I’ll admit.

Ben:  You’ve talked about a lot of stuff that I think people would question as being practical in their day-to-day busy lives as parents, people who are working all day long and may not have the ability to have and stop and use all of these different things you’ve discussed.  I’m curious if you could, from a practical standpoint, walk me through what one of your days looks like in terms of how you structure implementing some of these techniques into your own life.

Anthony:  Yeah, for sure! At any time that I’m working with 50 to 100 clients one-on-one.  So, giving people ways to apply this stuff practically is what I do.  There’s also a lot of people, like you and I that like to nerd out on this stuff and be exposed to different things.  So, I’m diarrhea of the mouth, spewing out a bunch of things that may be helpful and I think some people’s ears may have perked up because a lot of folks now know someone in their life who has dealt with Lyme, so I wanted to share some of those things.

But, in terms of practical application, here’s what I did today.  An alarm went off at 6:30, woke up, went and had a good amount of fresh water-.  We’ve got Voss water or Penta water or Mountain Valley Spring water, all of those are brands of water that we regularly stock in the house.  I also have a Kangen water machine that adds hydrogen to the water for those same antioxidant benefits we mentioned earlier.  They talked about changing the pH, I’m not convinced that’s a huge part of the benefit, but I drink that throughout the day too generally away from meals.  I’ll take my morning supplements.

I’ve got a journal that’s called the Productive Action Journal that a guy, Dave Rule, put together if anyone wanted to check that out it’s at EFFIC.co.  I have no affiliation with the company, but it’s basically like from 5 AM until 10 PM, everything that you’re going to be doing, what’s your one productive action of the day that’s really going to make a difference in your business or in your life, and then you have your other tasks like your idea box which has got a little thing for gratitude, and I’ll fill that out and I’ve got a handle on what important appointments I’m going to be doing.  So I’m on with Ben at 2:30, we’ve got a 7:15 hot yoga class for 90-minutes of hot yoga and meditation, afterwards grabbed an ice Americano in Del Ray that has good organic coffee and packed up, came home and showered, packed my bags and headed to a café and did about three or four hours of work on a webinar I’m going to be doing to introduce people to our membership site, then I came back here, had a shake, so I fasted until about 2 PM, had a nice shake and then hopped on with you.  So, that’s the day so far.

Ben:  Very cool! I know that you spell out a ton of this stuff in your book Biohacking Secrets…

Anthony:  Yeah.

Ben:  I think, based on what I understand from you that we’re just giving that book for free to everyone listening in and you do pay shipping, just so people know. you pay handling and that’s it.   I think that’s pretty incidental, but you can grab Anthony’ big ‘ol Biohacking Secrets book, it’s called the Biohackers Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus”, right Anthony?

Anthony:  Yeah, Biohackers Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus”.

Ben:  Okay, cool!  So, we’ll link to that over on the show notes over at www.BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BiohackingSecrets and if people have questions about some of the things you talked about, Anthony, if they leave them in the show notes in the comments section, you think I could fire your over some of the comments and thoughts people have if they have questions of follow ups or some of that stuff?

Anthony:  Absolutely, man, that’d be fun!

Ben:  Cool, cool.  So, if you have questions for Anthony, go over to www.BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BiohackingSecrets and leave any of your follow up questions there and you can also grab the book, the free book that Anthony wrote that’s just chockfull of more ideas.  That will also be over at www.BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BiohackingSecrets.

So, that being said, Anthony, thanks so much for coming on the show and sharing us all or at least some of your secrets.  And, we can come back again to Finland sometime, dude.  Do this conference with me?

Anthony:  I would love to, man.  Ben, this has been a huge pleasure! I would love to hang out and do some stuff in person next time.

Ben:  I’ll hold you to it! All right, folks.  Well until next time, I’m Ben Greenfield along with Anthony DiClementi signing out from BenGreenfieldFitness.com.  Have an amazing week!



My guest on today’s podcast, Anthony DiClementi, is a bearded, bad-ass, beast of a man who also happens to be one of the deepest wells of biohacking knowledge who I’ve ever met.

He is the founder of BiohackingSecrets.com, a health and wellness company that reaches millions of people each month through their newsletter, videos, books, consulting, and podcast (The Biohacking Secrets Show).

He’s become famous for both reversing “incurable” diseases (Cancer, MS, neurodegenerative disease) and helping world class athletes achieve new levels of peak performance. After his own two year battle with Lyme Disease in 2011 he began working with people who no other expert or doctor wanted to. Why? Because he refuses to accept conventional wisdom. And he believes in the body’s ability to heal itself when it’s given the right ingredients.

Through his innovative methods, DiClementi has had dramatic success and his clients now report natural, sustained energy all day long without a “crash.”He teaches men and women suffering from low energy how to turn back their biological clocks, improve energy production at the cellular level, and feel better than they’ve felt in years, often decades. In 2016, he released, “The Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus” which is packed with dozens of easy-to-use, innovative methods anyone can apply to rapidly optimize their physical and mental performance.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Why Anthony and his girlfriend got extremely sick after moving to a new apartment in California…[8:35]

-Why Anthony uses a PEM device called OndaMed…[14:20]

-Why hidden infections like Epstein Barr, Lyme, SIBO, parasites, yeast, candida and mold are aggravated by hidden variables such as WiFi…[20:00]

-A special form of laser Anthony used when he had Lyme…[25:40]

-How Anthony keeps himself jacked and strong…[32:15]

-Why Anthony is not a fan of normal earthing mats and grounding mats…[42:20]

-The molecular hydrogen Anthony uses and why…[44:33]

-Dangerous fillers in your supplements…[48:18]

-Why Anthony is such a big fan of oysters (and why he does a regularly scheduled coffee enema)…[50:00]

-An alternative to coffee enemas for people who don’t want to use them…[54:25]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

-Anthony’s Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus – order for free here (all you pay is shipping and handling!)

The OndaMed

The TheraLumen and SpectraMini

The Vielight

List of EMF Consultants

Earthing Half Sheet

Molecular Hydrogen tablets

Thorne MethylGuard Plus


Clearlight Sauna

The SOTA lightworks

Fitwood (Use Code Ben20 for 20% off)

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