Here is a list of all the topics covered in my presentation, along with my slides.

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How To Fix Your Neurotransmitters

How You Can Use The “Central Governor” To Tap Into Your Muscle’s Hidden Potential
Black coffee
Mycotoxins from moldy coffee
How To Protect Your Body From The 10 Hidden Killers In Your Home
Master Amino Pattern
Liposomal Vitamin B12 Spray
Antioxidant/Vitamin Powdered Blend
Goat-based Protein Powder
Trace Liquid Mineral Supplement
Himalayan Sea Salt
Travacor by Nutriscience
Neuro-5HTP by Biotics
CraveArrest by Designs for Health
D-5 Mucuna
Kalish Method Book
NeuroAdrenal Expanded Test
Marine Phytoplankton
Avocado Oil

How To Fix Your HPA Axis

Neurotransmitter Imbalance Issue
The 7 Best Stress-Fighting Weapons That Will Make Your Mind-Body Connection 100% Bulletproof
The Cost Of Being A Bad-Ass – How To Cure Your Hormones With Dr. Sara Gottfried
Inner Peace
Liquid Trace Minerals
Himalayan Sea Salt
Whole Foods Vitamin C
Good Fish Oil 
Hormone Pack
The Last Resource You’ll Ever Need To Get Better Sleep, Eliminate Insomnia, Beat Jet Lag and Master The Nap

How To Enhance Your Brain

The Limitless Pill
Are Your Expensive Multivitamins Even Absorbed…Or Are There Better Ways To Deliver Precious Nutrients To Your Body?
Cod Liver Oil
Vitamin D Spray
Vitamin D Oil
Triglyceride-based Fish Oil
Coconut Oil
Bulletproof Coffee
Edible Green Tea
Neuroscience Travacor Supplement
Essential Amino Acids supplement
What Are The Best Biohacks Of The World’s Top Biohackers?
CreO2 from Millennium Sports
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Four Hour Body
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Computer Screen Covers
Sunrise Clock
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s neuroacoustics CDs
Entrainer Acoustics
Wristband that emits specific frequencies to amplify alpha brain wave production
David Delight Pro
CES device called Oasis
David PAL 36
EarthPulse PEMF Device
Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer
Journey to the Wild Divine
Inner Balance Sensor
Licensed biofeedback practitioner
Dr. Arlene Taylor
Brainscape app
n-Back Training
Chewing Gum
Significantly increase secretion of BDNF
Helping you exercise harder
The Edge Effect
Younger Brain, Sharper Mind

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