For just $9.99, here is what you receive:

-24 page Powerpoint presentation with detailed nutrition tips & tricks on each slide

-1 hour video presentation of Ben Greenfield's "Triathlon Race Day Nutrition Clinic"

-Exactly what to eat on race morning, including the one secret power meal that has allowed Ben Greenfield's coached athletes to set massive PR's with zero gastric distress

-Which carbohydrates allow optimum performance, how to choose your "sugar chains" and the two exact supplements that provide the perfect race-day blend

--Step-by-step race day nutrition guidelines from Ben Greenfield's personal racing diary, including pre-race meal all the way through to the finish line

-Which proteins and fats you should eat, when you need to eat them, and which proteins and fast you must avoid for peak performance on race day

-Exactly how many calories you can maximally consume without affecting speed

-How to choose your race day fueling strategy based on Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman, or Ironman distance

-An introduction to Physiology 101, and a key concept that will allow you to generate your meal plan based on science, not guesswork

-Practical tips that you can immediately implement, straight from the #1 ranked triathlete in the Northwest and the 2008 National Personal Trainer of the Year

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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's "Triathlon Race Day Nutrition Clinic"!

On July 24, 2008, Ben Greenfield (Ironman triathlete and one of the nation's top experts on triathlon physiology) hosted a race day nutrition clinic at his sports medicine lab in Spokane, Washington. During this 1 hour presentation, Ben revealed dozens of his top tips and tricks for maximizing your diet and performance on race day.

Over the course of 8 years of experimentation, coaching, and research, Ben has developed cutting-edge methods for endurance fueling in a way that just makes sense - from both a logistical and a scientific standpoint! And he shares all these methods in this presentation.

Let's face it - there's a big difference between what is ideal and what is practical. In this 1 hour video and accompanying Powerpoint presentation, Ben cuts through the confusion and tells you exactly what to eat and how to eat on race day.

Topics include:

-Pre-race meal (including the 1 secret "power-food")

-How to fuel during transition, and exactly what to avoid to eliminate any last minute toilet trips

-Pre-swim fueling tips, including why you must eat before the swim, how much, and what type of food

-First transition - what to eat, why, and how to get it in fast

-Step-by-step walkthrough of the bike and run legs for each distance - Sprint, Olympic, 1/2 IM and Ironman

-Post-race recovery and supplementation recovery secrets

For just $9.99, Ben Greenfield has agreed to release both the 1 hour video and the Powerpoint presentation. After securing your access, you will be directed to a protected site where this highly effective information is kept.

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