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Five years ago, the innovators at C360 Health began their mission to reduce the pain and suffering created by chronic inflammation, for people and their pets.

What causes inflammation?

Acute inflammation in most cases, is a temporary condition triggered by an injury or infection. It's the body’s healing response to an immediate situation. This is normally a good thing since the body is responding appropriately to the conditions on hand.

Chronic inflammation happens when the body fails to "turn off" its response to  perceived threats and foreign bodies. The immune system begins attacking healthy cells, tissue and organs.

What is Carbon60?

Carbon60 was discovered in 1985 and was the first new form of carbon to be discovered in roughly 300 years. Because of its shape – literally 60 carbons linked together – Carbon60 is extremely stable and strong.

Initially, it was thought that Carbon60 could be used as a therapeutic agent for the body. Though this proved to be difficult because it's hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and isn't able to enter the body.

Over the next few decades, scientists discovered that Carbon60 could be bound to lipids. Once combined with a lipid or fat, Carbon60 is able to penetrate the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, Carbon60 works as a major antioxidant: decreasing toxins, healing scar tissue and lowering inflammation throughout the body.

C360 Health combines Carbon60 with pure extra virgin olive oil and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The result? A potent antioxidant supplement that reduces inflammation throughout the body.

The overall effect Carbon60 is a boost in energy, a reduction in joint pain, greater mobility, improved immunity and digestion, and overall better health.

Order your Carbon C360 today.

"I use Carbon60 when I travel, which is when I'm exposed to the most solar radiation, the most inflammation, and the most stress." – Ben