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the future of plant medicines
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Ayahuasca Myths & Truths, Shamanic Battles, Union With God, The Future Of Plant Medicines & More With Hamilton Souther.

I first became aware of this episode's podcast guest, Hamilton Souther, when I heard him interviewed by Aubrey Marcus in a fascinating discussion about "sorcery vs. medicine."  Hamilton was later introduced to me by a mutual...

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[Transcript] – Ayahuasca Myths & Truths, Shamanic Battles, Union With God, The Future Of Plant Medicines & More With Hamilton Souther.

From podcast: Introduction Podcast Sponsors Who is Hamilton Souther? Coming to Peru and experiencing Ayahuasca ceremony Is the practice of Ayahuasca use among wider population a new phenomenon? Interacting with spiritual world and...

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Health nuts can enjoy fried food, too! 😉  I r Health nuts can enjoy fried food, too! 😉 

I respect my body enough to fill it up with nutritious, clean food. But that doesn’t mean I have dull, bland, or basic meals or snacks. Below, I’ll teach you how to make fried pickles (a Greenfield family favorite!).

If you don’t own an air fryer yet, it’s definitely worth the hundred bucks or so (my recommended air fryer is available at the link in the bio, and FYI Breville and Cuisinart are both good brands). We use air frying all of the time – because you can make any type of fried food fast, without all the nasty, excessive heating of vegetable oils that causes rancidity and oxidation from overheating the oil.

Fried pickle ingredients:
🥒 Pickles, sliced
🥒 Eggs
🥒 Almond flour or your preferred gluten-free flour
🥒 Sea salt
🥒 Turmeric
🥒 Paprika 
🥒 Garlic powder
🥒 Cayenne pepper
🥒 <a href=Avocado oil or olive oil (sprayable avocado or olive oil works well) Recipe: 🥒 Whisk 1-2 eggs in a bowl 🥒 Spread sliced, mostly dry or completely dry pickles out on a paper towel 🥒 Pour gluten-free flour into a medium-sized bowl, enough to cover about a third of the bowl 🥒 Add 1-2 tsp of sea salt, turmeric, paprika, and garlic powder to the gluten-free flour 🥒 Sprinkle cayenne pepper into the mixture (for an extra kick of spice) 🥒 Mix the spices all together 🥒 Set an air fryer basket on top of parchment paper or something similar for an easy clean up  🥒 Drag a pickle slice through the whisked eggs, then dip both sides of the pickle into the flour and spice mixture 🥒 Rinse, wash, and repeat this process until your pickle slices are covered in the flour n’ spices 🥒 Spray or lightly drizzle oil over the covered pickles 🥒 Put them into the Air Fryer at 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes I have several delicious and healthy recipes like the fried pickles in my Boundless Cookbook at or at the link in the bio. What are your go-to air fryer recipes for a healthier twist on traditional comfort foods? Let me know in the comments! . . #bengreenfieldlife #bengreenfield #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #wellnesspodcast #biohack #biohacking #biohacker #foodie #foodstagram #friedpickles">