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I do everything I can to avoid food waste througho I do everything I can to avoid food waste throughout the year. And of course, Thanksgiving meals can be rife with tons of food getting tossed into the trash. So each year, I instead gather all the leftovers and make a giant pot of what I call my “Kitchen Sink” <a href=bone broth, since it really does use just about every ingredient I can find after the Thanksgiving meal. What better way to use your leftovers than for concocting the perfect anti-aging, immune-boosting, gut-healing elixir that is equally nutritious and delicious. 🙌🏼 Check out the original recipe from my Boundless Cookbook, which I like to consider your roadmap to keep your cells nourished, taste buds pleased, and body charged with healthy energy. ⚡️ If you’re interested in trying out my bone broth recipe, type “GOBBLE” in the comments below. 👇🏼🦃 Total time to make is anywhere from 6 to 24 hours with a slow cooker: Ingredients: • 1 roasted turkey carcass and bones • 1 large carrot • 1 onion • 2 celery stalks • 3 bay leaves • 3 garlic cloves • 2 large thyme springs • 3 quarts of filtered water • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar • A splash of leftover beer or wine Instructions: • Add all ingredients into a large slow cooker • Bring to a boil on high, and then simmer anywhere from 6 hours or up to a day or longer. (The longer you simmer, the more flavor “evolves” giving you quite the tasty brew.) • You can store any leftovers in a large glass mason jar or BPA-free, freezer-safe container #bengreenfieldlife #bengreenfield #health #fitness #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthy #motivation #personaldevelopment #nutrition #fitnesspodcast #wellnesspodcast #exercise #biohack #biohacking #biohacker #fitspo #fitcoach #longevity #thanksgiving #thanksgivingrecipes #bonebroth #bonebrothheals">