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MitoZen™ Scientific

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MitoZen™ Scientific handcrafts and curates nutraceutical and natural formulations to help you achieve the optimal health and vitality you crave.

As both a Naturopath and Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. John Lieurance has been using natural medicine for the last 25 years to treat his patients. His unique approach to healing through detoxification brought almost immediate results to his patients.

His drive to help others heal lead Dr. Lieurance to create MitoZen™ Scientific, making healing and optimal health available to everyone.

MitoZen™ crafts and curates products from both nature and science, using the highest quality ingredients. MitoZen uses delivery methods that are quick and effective, providing you with fast results to detoxification and wellness.

MitoZen Scientific provides you optimal solutions in all areas of health and well-being, from sleep to meditation to longevity.

Some of MitoZen's products include:

  • Sandman deep sleep, high-dose melatonin suppository
  • Lucitol fisetin polyphenol plant antioxidant suppository
  • GlutaMax high-dose glutathione suppositories for oxidative stress
  • ZEN Nasal Spray Combo for meditation and vagus nerve stimulation

MitoZen™ products are being used by top physicians and athletes around the country and are among the most potent and effective options available.

Founded after years of research and developed through the scientific community, MitoZen™ Scientific has proven clinical effectiveness and superior delivery methods.

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“I’m one of those guys who often takes oral supplements and notices next to nothing. That’s not uncommon. Digestion passes through the liver, the acidic nature of the stomach, and a host of other factors can keep you from properly absorbing precious molecules.

But when I tried Dr. Lieurance’s nasal sprays and suppositories I noticed them almost immediately. I have now used them successfully for jet lag, inflammation and enhanced sleep and I’m completely enamored: these things are the real deal – and a valuable arsenal to any health hacker’s toolkit.” – Ben