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The DNA Company

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Save $50 on your functional genomics test package

Are you curious about why you feel, react, and think the way that you do?

Have you ever thought about what diet and nutrition plan would work best for you? Are you interested in learning how your hormones could be contributing to your health concerns? Would you want to know if you can remove harmful toxins from your body in an effective manner? Are you curious about what factors may contribute to your risk of cardiovascular disease?

If you answered 'yes' to any or all of the above, The DNA Company can help you find the answers.

The DNA Company is an innovative provider of functional genomics solutions for personalized and preventative health and wellness.

DNA is the language of life. In order to be fluent in any language, you need to understand not just the vocabulary, but the grammar, syntax, nuances, and context involved in using that language.

Your DNA is no different. It houses the building blocks that make you who you are, unique and individual in every way. Having a better understanding or your genomics will help you overcome your personal health challenges, and achieve your goals for health and longevity.

The DNA Company provides:

  • Innovative functional genomics tests that identify key gene pathways and their influence on critical biological systems.
  • Beautifully designed and easily understood reports that provide actionable insights into the influence of genomics, diet, lifestyle, and the environment on an individual's health and wellness.
  • Comprehensive clinical consultations with trained health care practitioners, both internally and through an external network of clinical partners.
  • Personalized diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation solutions based on your individual health and wellness profiles that are focused on results and outcomes.
How is The DNA Company different from other testing companies?

As a functional genomics company, The DNA Company is more interested in how genes and gene pathways ultimately influence your health and wellness as opposed to trying to fit you into a collection of genes or trying to guess where your ancestors came from.

Unlike the more common gene tests that generate single gene ‘factoids’ with little relevance to actual human form and function, The DNA Company provides a detailed analysis of what is happening in your body on a cellular level.

The DNA Company will test a series of genetic variations that focus on a cross-section of genes that influence your health and wellness. Your personalized report will cover areas including:

  • Mood & behavior through neurotransmitter balance
  • Cardiovascular health ​
  • Detoxification & anti-oxidation ​
  • Carbohydrate & fat metabolism ​
  • Vitamin & micronutrient requirements ​
  • Cellular methylation

Additionally, The DNA Company will test a series of genes responsible for making and breaking down hormones. These hormones are well-known influencers of your health and wellness. Their DNA test is useful but not limited to individuals with the following health concerns:

  • Cancer prevention of hormone-related cancer
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Weight gain or hair loss ​
  • Currently taking birth control pills or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy ​
  • Diet & metabolism
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Optimize physical exercise performance ​
  • Male and female infertility ​
  • Perimenopause, menopause, andropause

Go to The DNA Company to get their complete functional genomics test package for $399 USD.

(That’s a savings of $50 off retail price.)

Your test package includes both Hormone and Genome Pulse panel tests as well as a clinical report for each panel, along with full access to their webinar series, which introduces the science and interpretation of your genomic results with regards to key biological systems and processes.

“I'm constantly blown away by the amount of genetic data and actionable information one can garner from a simple bit of saliva.

A lot of the stuff you get from most DNA tests can be useful.

But to get really, really useful information on things that can help you out with your sleep, your gut function, your neurotransmitters, even your life span or your brain health, you have to take a deeper dive.

You have to look at a lot more of these so-called SNPs. That's what The DNA Company did for me. They gave me a functional overview of my health and wellness.” – Ben