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What if the ability to look, feel, and perform at peak capacity wasn’t the stuff of lore but instead was within easy reach?

In a perfect world, you would be able to have it all: complete optimization of mind, body, and spirit.

In Boundless, the New York Times bestselling author of Beyond Training and health and fitness leader Ben Greenfield offers a first-of-its-kind blueprint for total human optimization.

To catapult you down the path of maximizing cognition, mental clarity, and IQ, you will discover:

  • How to rewire your skull’s supercomputer (& 9 ways to fix your neurotransmitters).
  • The 12 best ways to heal a leaky brain.
  • 8 proven methods to banish stress and kiss high cortisol goodbye.
  • 10 foods that break your brain, and how to eat yourself smart.
  • How to safely utilize nootropics and smart drugs, along with 8 of the best brain-boosting supplement stacks and psychedelics.
  • The top nutrient for brain health that you probably aren’t getting enough of.
  • 6 ways to upgrade your brain using biohacking gear, games, and tools.
  • How to exercise the cells of your nervous system using technology and modern science.
  • Easy ways to train your brain for power, speed, and longevity.
  • The ultimate guide to optimizing your sleep, maximizing mental recovery, and stopping jet lag.

To ensure that you look good naked and live a long time, you will learn:

  • 6 ways to get quick, powerful muscles (& why bigger muscles aren’t better).
  • How to burn fat fast without destroying your body.
  • The fitness secrets of 6 of the fittest old people on the planet.
  • The best training program for maximizing muscle gain and fat loss at the same time.
  • One simple tactic for staying lean year-round with minimal effort.
  • A step-by-step system for figuring out exactly which foods to eat.
  • 14 ways to build an unstoppable immune system.
  • Little-known tactics, tips, and tricks for recovering from workouts with lightning speed.
  • The best tools for biohacking your body at home and on the road.
  • How to eat, train, and live for optimal symmetry and beauty (& how to raise kids with superhuman bodies and brains).

And to help you live a fulfilling and happy life, you will learn:

  • 12 techniques to heal your body using your own internal pharmacy.
  • What the single most powerful emotion is and how to tap into it every day.
  • 4 of the best ways to heal your body and spirit using sounds and vibrations.
  • 6 ways to enhance your life and longevity with love, friendships, and lasting relationships.
  • How to biohack the bedroom for better sex and longer orgasms, and the top libido-enhancing herbs, supplements, and strategies.
  • The perfect morning, afternoon, and evening routines for enhancing sleep, productivity, and overall happiness.
  • 28 ways to combine ancestral wisdom and modern science to enhance longevity, including the best foods, herbs, supplements, injections, medical treatments, biohacks, fasting strategies, and much more.
  • The 4 hidden variables that can make or break your mind, body, and spirit.
  • The exercise that will change your life forever (& how to reverse-engineer your perfect day).
Boundless guides you every step of the way to becoming an expert in what makes your brain tick, your body work, and your spirit happy.

You can flip open the book to any chapter and discover research-proven, trench-tested techniques to build muscle, burn fat, live longer, have mind-blowing sex, raise robust children, and much, much more!

Grab your copy and get ready to become Boundless.

“As you read, don’t feel the pressure to digest this entire book cover-to-cover.

Instead, think of Boundless as a cookbook for any element of your mind, body or spirit that you want to target with laser-like precision.

Are you trying to heal an injury fast, recover from surgery, or simply banish your ever-expanding morning soreness? Flip to Chapter 14. Are you sick of afternoon brain fog, curious about the emerging world of smart drugs, or want an extra edge for cognition? Read Chapter 5. Are you lonely, depressed, feeling unfulfilled in life and addicted to your smartphone and social media? Then Chapter 22 is for you.

I’ve created this entire experience so that a professional athlete, coach, physician, medical researcher, physical therapist, personal trainer, nutritionist or other health professionals can take their game to the next level with the information they discover.

The book is written in an easy-to-understand manner that allows an average person to flip open to any chapter and discover every research-proven, trench-tested technique to build muscle, burn fat, live longer, have mind-blowing sex, raise healthy, robust children and much, much more.” — Ben

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