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Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

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This wonderful new book on healing your body with your mind contains this anecdote I highlighted:

“If I offered you a pill that could increase your levels of circulating stem cells, lengthen your telomeres, dissipate beta-amyloid plaques in your brain, improve your memory and attention levels, boost your serotonin, repair your DNA, regulate inflammation, boost your immune system, repair your skin, bone, cartilage, and muscle cells, power up your GH levels for cell repair, and enhance the neural connections in your brain, how much would you pay for it? Though it’s priceless, it’s all free. EcoMeditation has been free on the Internet for over a decade. I’ve taught it to thousands of people all over the world. It’s ironic that what might be the biggest medical breakthrough of our generation is freely available to everyone, from the poorest to the richest.”

The idea that thoughts become things has become a meme in popular culture. It’s held as a firm proposition in metaphysics, and some spiritual teachers ascribe infinite powers to the mind. But are these claims scientifically accurate? What does the scientific evidence tell us about the scope of the human mind to transform thoughts into reality?

New research and new discoveries in epigenetics, neuroscience, electromagnetism, psychology, cymatics (the study of wave phenomena), public health, and quantum physics are demonstrating that thoughts can indeed be profoundly creative. In this book, author Dawson Church examines the scientific facts and reviews the studies that show, step by step, exactly how our minds create material form. As each piece of the puzzle falls into place, the science turns out to be even more astonishing than the metaphysics.

Throughout the book, Church shares illuminating case histories and up-close, authentic personal accounts of people who had an experience of turning mind into matter. Drawn from the worlds of medicine, sports, business, healing, art, and scientific discovery, these stories run the gamut from profound to inspiring to heart-wrenching. Meticulously researched evidence is presented in a highly relatable form, using engaging, understandable, nontechnical analogies. Photos and illustrations enrich the text.

Definitely worth a read.