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REV Diet Detox, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Book (e-Book)

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In the REV Diet Detox, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Book, you get access to all 3 phases of Ben Greenfield's complete REV Diet program, as an instant digital download.

You'll learn in the first phase how to Reboot your body and start eating the right foods, to put your body into fat-burning, high performance mode.

Then, in the second phase, you'll discover how to elevate and evolve your body, introduce new eating strategies and Evolve from simple to more complex nutritional concepts.

Finally, in the third phase, you'll Vitalize your body and get exactly what it takes to look, feel and perform better.

Each phase of the plan includes implementation instructions, and detailed meal descriptions, food choices and recipes, from internationally renowned nutritionist and personal trainer Ben Greenfield.