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Spiritual Disciplines Journal

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Unlock the power of gratitude, service, self-examination and purpose.

A healthy body keeps you well and active. A healthy soul keeps you purposeful and fulfilled.

Spiritual disciplines are specific habits that develop, grow, and strengthen our spirit, that build the muscles of our character, and that train our soul.

Perhaps nowhere is this “soul importance” more eloquently stated than in Matthew 16:26: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Yet sadly, it seems that the spirit is the most oft-neglected component of our human vessels, and that’s often due to an ignorance of the spiritual disciplines, or the failure to systematize and prioritize these disciplines into our daily routines.

The Spiritual Disciplines Journal is Simple & Elegant

You’ll answer five easy questions each day, specifically designed to enhance your spiritual life, your relationships, your physical health, and your mind.

Start and end your day with purpose.

Each day begins with an inspirational Bible verse and a clear call to gratitude, along with identifying one person you can serve or pray for that day. This will help you grow spiritually, systematize a practice of gratefulness, and remember to take time out of your day to serve others.Each day ends with self-examination and a review of your purpose statement, allowing you to identify what you have done well, what you could have done better, and how connected you are to your life’s purpose.

An “unselfish journal” that reminds you of the importance of service.

So many journaling practices are focused on selfish pursuits: accomplishing egotistical goals, completing checklists or dwelling on yourself only. Instead, in the Spiritual Disciplines Journal, you’ll discover scriptural truths, unlock the power of gratitude, service, self-examination and purpose that will change not just your own life, but the lives of others.

In our busy, day-to-day routines, it can be hard to remember to dwell upon the needs of others. But now that you can start every day by listing one person you can pray for, help or serve, your daily attitude will transform and you will become a more charitable, aware and selfless person.

Stillness and structure.

Rather than feeling rushed and stressed, you’ll discover that when you take just a few moments to begin your day with journaling, you’ll be more relaxed, stress will fade, and you’ll develop deeper, healthier breathing patterns. Beginning each day with stillness is an incredibly calming way to live life.

Rather than haphazardly deciding which section of scripture to read, or flipping to a random verse, your daily devotions will be structured and reliable, as will the focus of your prayer and the positive habit of your gratitude. Starting each day right becomes simple and structured.

Zero guesswork.
Simply do the day’s Bible reading, jot a note about the truth that God reveals, write down one thing you are grateful for, and think of one person you can pray for, help, or serve that day. The journal eliminates any decision-making fatigue or guesswork and makes good habits become easy.

PRE ORDER your copy now and receive your bonus gift and get ready to discover a whole new you filled with gratitude, purpose, and a newfound focus on what’s truly important in life.

Ben Greenfield - Spiritual Disciplines Journal“Do you remember the last runner’s high or exercise endorphin release you had from that killer workout?

Have you ever thought, I wish that feeling could last? Well, I have news for you. A much deeper and richer satisfaction is readily available at your fingertips.

As an author, speaker, and consultant in the realms of health, fitness, nutrition, and body and brain optimization, and perhaps most well-known for my teachings on biohacking, fitness, nutrition, supplements, longevity, and beyond – I have come to understand a glaring reality. After years of pursuing this world of body and brain optimization, I grew to realize that the relatively self-obsessed or carnal pursuits of a lower body fat percentage, finding the perfect diet, crushing the next Spartan race, or “reversing the aging process, are all ultimately unfulfilling, and can often leave one standing at the top of the mountain of physical and mental achievement, yet in a valley feeling empty emotionally, relationally and spiritually and this is why I designed the Spiritual Disciplines Journal.

It works just like this. In the same way that both mental and physical muscles must be repeatedly challenged and stressed to gain intelligence and brawn, so must the spiritual muscles be consistently trained to produce growth, expansion, enlightenment, and most importantly, sustain the spirit behind them. This takes structure, direction, and discipline.
By regularly implementing the spiritual disciplines of Scripture, gratitude, service, self-examination, and purpose I have carefully drawn out for you in my journal, you’ll discover that your entire existence becomes more meaningful and more purposeful – in essence, your life will begin to produce more, not only for you but your fellow humans around you.” — Ben