Although I personally take a more ancestral approach to my nutrition and focus on whole foods, I don’t discriminate! In my nutrition articles, I interview the world’s leading nutrition experts on everything from high-fat, low-carb diets, plant-based diets, the paleo diet, good fats and bad fats, the importance of plant-based diets, vegetarian and vegan diets, the ketogenic diet, Atkins, protein requirements, blood sugar, cholesterol, superfoods, smoothies, bone broth, carb-cycling, superfoods, is fruit bad, fasting and intermittent fasting, how to time food and training, energy bars, meal replacement, fat loss diets, muscle-building diets, and so much more!

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Q&A On Ben Greenfield’s Current Morning, Afternoon & Evening Routines: Breakfast Timing, Infrared Light, Siestas, Meditations, Workouts & Beyond.

For some reason, I suspect because we human beings are programmed to thrive on ritual and predictability, a few of my most popular podcasts and articles involve me discussing my daily "routines", such as: ...

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