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Swim Smooth #1 Swim Training Book

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The Swim Smooth #1 Swim Training Book is exactly what I recommend to all his swimmers and triathletes to learn how to swim properly and get faster at swimming. The book contains Swim Smooth's complete coaching program, including:

– How to develop every aspect of your freestyle stroke technique and avoid common pitfalls while doing so.

– Swim Smooth's complete drill set, which includes detailed descriptions and photos.

– An up-to-date explanation of what makes an efficient and fast freestyle stroke.

– How to take a truly individual body-type approach to your swimming, so that you develop a stroke style that works for you.

– Getting into open water for the first time and taking on the challenge of your first open water or triathlon event.

– Becoming a great open water swimmer, overcoming anxiety and developing those critical open water skills.

– Developing your specific swimming fitness, a much overlooked and misunderstood subject but something that can make a huge difference to your comfort and level of performance.

– Combination of your unique skeleton structure with detailed sets and training sessions to transfer what you've discovered in the book into practical workouts you can follow in the pool.

– Technique development sets that are specific to your individual stroke style and level of swimming to get you off a performance plateau you may be on.

– Dry land strength and conditioning methods to improve your swimming.

– Developing your pool skills including tumble (flip) turns, dives and starts.

– Targeted advice on joining and making the most of a Masters' swim squad.

– Detailed information on preventing and managing swimming injuries.

– Swim Smooth's structured and easy to read writing style, combined with hundreds of photos and diagrams explaining everything very clearly.

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