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The Morozko Forge Ice Bath

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Morozko Forge makes the only ice bath in the world that can maintain freezing cold temperatures.

On top of that, the Forge is the only ice bath that makes its own ice.

Best yet? You get to choose your desired degree of cold, whether that's 55 degrees, 40 degrees, or 32 degrees.

The Forge allows you to start where you're at and work your way down to the cooler temps.

With the Forge Ice Bath, you'll experience the myriad health benefits of a cold exposure practice, year-round, from the comfort of your home.

Scientific studies indicate that regular deliberate cold exposure will:

  • Boost immune strength
  • Reverse aging
  • Promote weight loss
  • Enhance mitochondrial function
  • Regulate autoimmune disorders
  • Improve mood, focus and happiness
  • Reduce stress
Choose the Morozko Forge model that suits your lifestyle best.

The Cold Forge
An entry-level ice bath priced for beginning biohackers, the Cold Forge saves you the hassle and expense of buying ice—it does it for you.

The Cold Forge does not have a built-in water filtration system. Weekly water changes are recommended, depending on frequency of use.

Use code BENFORGE to save $150 on the Cold Forge.

The Filtered Forge
Ozone disinfection and microfiltration make the Filtered Forge a practically maintenance free ice bath. You'll never need to add chemicals. Filter changes recommended only twice a year.

The Filtered Forge is the ideal home ice bath for daily Wim Hof cold plunge practitioners.

Use code BENFORGE to save $150 on the Filtered Forge.

The Prism Forge
The apogee of ice baths, Prism Forge employs a stainless steel cold tub suitable for commercial use at cryotherapy spas and wellness centers.

The best and most cost-effective cold water immersion equipment for sports teams, therapists, and medical professionals administering cryotherapy.

Use code BOUNDLESS to save $500 on the Prism Forge.

Choose your Morozko Forge model here. Use code BENFORGE to save $150 on the Cold and Filtered Forge. Use code BOUNDLESS to save $500 on the Prism Forge.

Ben Greenfield - Morozko Forge Ice Bath"Every single day during this quarantine, right before dinner, my boys and I have been doing meditation and breathwork in the sauna for 20 minutes, followed by a long cold soak in the Morozko Forge. I can’t recommend this highly enough." — Ben