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The NanoVi™ Device for Faster Repair of Oxidative Stress Damage

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NanoVi™ is one of the fastest, safest, most cutting edge methods for DNA repair.

Cell damage is natural and is going to occur.

As a reaction, your body makes a biological signal to repair cell damage brought on by free radicals. This is known as reactive oxygen species or ROS.

The problem is, if you don't make enough of the signal necessary to repair all the damage caused by free radicals, oxidative stress accumulates.

The NanoVi™ is a device that produces precisely the same signal to boost repair, antioxidants, and regeneration.

While NanoVi™ cannot prevent cell damage, it is designed to help cells repair after the damage has already occurred.

Research, including placebo-controlled studies, verify the benefits of repairing oxidative damage:

  • Significantly less lactate in blood after exertion
  • Stronger immunity
  • Less DNA damage in endurance athletes
  • Improved heart rate variability (HRV)

Because NanoVi™ promotes faster recovery and extreme regeneration of tissue and cellular membranes, using NanoVi™ is one the best things that you can do for your mitochondrial health and longevity.

How do I use the NanoVi device?

To enjoy the benefit, simply breathe in the NanoVi™ device’s humidified air stream. The humidity transfers the signal to your body and, like many diagnostic or therapeutic signals. These signals immediately cascade throughout the entire body and begin assisting in cell repair.

The NanoVi™  is the perfect addition to any anti-aging or fitness or recovery protocol.

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Ben Greenfield - NanoVi“For the past four months, I’d been breathing air from a special device on my desk – a device called a “NanoVi“. It gives me a clear head, better workouts and more focus – but the effects go deep, deep into the body and actually cause repair.” – Ben