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Intranasal and Transcranial Light Therapy by Vielight

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Is your brain's performance important to you? What if your brain isn't functioning as well as it could?

Enter: Vielight

Largely, brain function is dependent on the health of the energy source of your brain cells—the mitochondria. Research has shown that stimulating your brain with infrared light revitalizes mitochondria, increases neural connectivity, and blood flow in the brain. This is a bio-energetic process called Photobiomodulation, or PBM for short.

Vielight creates PBM devices that uniquely enable light energy to penetrate the cranium (transcranial and intranasal) to reach and stimulate the brain.

Vielight's transcranial and intranasal PBM devices revitalize mitochondria and improve blood flow in the brain.

What sets Vielight apart from other brain stimulation devices is its patented intranasal technology. There are no significant barriers in the nasal passage to obstruct the passage of light from the nose to the brain's ventral area. This area is well connected to the memory processing networks inside your brain.

Through the process of transcranial and intranasal PBM, Vielight devices offer the safest, most holistic photobiomodulation approach.

Vielight's wearable devices are designed for personal use at home, in your office, at your gym, and even while driving. Some of the benefits include:
  • Increase blood flow to the brain and body
  • Increase nitric oxide levels
  • Boost oxygenation for physical or mental performance
  • Enhance memory function and cognition
  • Shut down inflammation in the brain

There are no harmful side effects and no excessive heat, delivering a safe and comfortable experience.

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"The Vielight is a useful brain-enhancing "helmet" that can zap away headaches, increase focus, blast nitric oxide production and even improve exerciseperformance... It’s quite interesting and the benefits to sports performance are greater than what I had thought." — Ben