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MyoBuddy Massager Pro – Portable Massage Vibration For Sore Muscles, Workout Prep, Digestion & More!

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Price: $399.00
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Did you know you can use massage vibration on your stomach to enhance digestion and bowel movements?

Or on sore muscles to move out inflammation, mobilize blood flow and circulate lymph fluid?

Or even pre-workout to prime your muscles for optimal performance?

The MyoBuddy Massager Pro allows you to do all this and much more. It is a unique myofascial therapy device for your home, office, gym, clinical and lifestyle needs. The MyoBuddy Pro percussive massager places professional grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point and cutting edge vibrational massage technology in the palm of your hands, providing instant relief to muscle soreness and myofascial pain, providing next level recovery for you and your clients.

The MyoBuddy features advanced vibrational technology that is designed specifically for human use. It features a perfectly balanced weight and efficient motor along with an oscillating surface that allows for even and safe movement directly over skin and for over clothing (an extra blue bonnet provided for use with lotions and oils and white bonnet provided for use over clothing).

It is designed with a safety dimmer switch system, featuring three speeds that allow users or massage practitioners to control the speed and intensity of the percussive force. The speed control allows you to move quickly from heat-producing friction on high speed to adhesion busting percussion on lower speeds.

The design even allows users and practitioners to control the precise pressure or weight placed on any body area. It's light enough for easy personal use and to use all day on clients (for massage therapy practitioners who, for example, don't want tired or beat up hands, wrists, elbows or knees).

So how does the MyoBuddy work, exactly?

The powerful yet therapeutic vibration and oscillation actions of the MyoBuddy Pro percussive massager lifts and spreads myofascial fibers through percussion, while simultaneously warming them with vibration. There are two primary features your MyoBuddy will give you:

Feature 1: Vibrational Friction

This vibration dilates blood vessels while warming the tissue and delivering thousands of soft, rapid percussive strokes, stimulating the nervous system and causing rapid muscle cell contractions (30x the normal rate). These rapid muscle cell contractions effectively create release of tension held in the muscle cells, fascial cells, nervous tissues, and blood vessels.

Feature 2: Percussive Massage

The percussive massage feature acts as a soft jackhammer, releasing the tissues deeply, all the way to the joints at the tendon attachments. This is good to do after vibrational friction, as this bigger movement puts the fresh blood supply to work, lubricating, oxygenating and feeding the local tissues.

With MyoBuddy's easy-to-use three speeds, you can easily calibrate the pressure, speed, and angle of use. And with the blue bonnet provided, you can also use your MyoBuddy with oils, lotions and gels.

Use your MyoBuddy in the morning to get digestive juices flowing and to initiate a bowel movement.

Use your MyoBuddy after a workout to recover with lightning speed.

Use your MyoBuddy before a race to prime your muscles.

As you can see, the versatility of this unique massage device is mind-blowing, it's far easier to use than a foam roller, far less time consuming and costly than a massage, and easier on your hands, fingers and forearms too!

Click here to begin experiencing your pain, soreness and stiffness melt away, to skip the inconvenience of massage and foam rolling, and to begin using a MyoBuddy now!