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Powerlung Breath Trainer

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The Powerlung Breath Trainer is Ben Greenfield's top recommended “portable” tool for getting better lungs, anytime, anyplace – including driving in your car, on an airplane or watching a movie.

How does it work?

There are muscles that support your breathing. Just like any other muscle in your body, the best way to make them stronger and more efficient is to strength train them. Imagine a person who trains or exercises with weights, machines or exercise bands. When a person is training, they must “work” against something, in this case an external resistance.

The external resistance is the weight that the person is lifting and lowering. The weight creates a force that the muscles must work against and overcome. The more a person repeats the pattern of the exercise against this force, the stronger his or her muscles become. As it becomes easier to do the exercise, the person can increase the force, intensity or threshold to help make the muscles stronger.

And that is what we call “threshold resistance”, which is the exact proven method of training used only by the Powerlung Breath Trainer. When you breathe in and out through PowerLung, you are working against a threshold of resistance that is the same for every breath. You are not breathing through a restricted orifice where the load can be reduced just by changing the way you breathe. So this is much, much different than – say – breathing through a straw.

PowerLung has two control dials, one designed to train your inhale breathing muscles and the other designed to train your exhale breathing muscles. Both are adjustable to set your exact desired level (threshold) of resistance – exactly how a you might add resistance with weights for strength training other muscles in your body.

PowerLung gives you complete control of the resistance for both the inhale and exhale and is designed to help you breathe deep with every breath and feel like you “grew a third lung” once you're out working out and competing. Training with PowerLung is a very simple workout and doesn't require much time to do. To train with PowerLung you simply:

-Inhale and exhale through the PowerLung (this is considered one repetition)
-Perform a repetition 9 more times
-Take a short break
-Repeat these steps two more times for a total of 30 repetitions (3 sets of 10 reps)

That's all it takes to workout with PowerLung! You can even do this twice a day to get the optimal training for your breathing, or just once or twice a week while driving around in your car for a more minimal effect.

Time and time again, the PowerLung has been proven by many independent studies to train and improve your breathing. Click here to buy from PowerLung.