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AquaTru makes clean drinking water an affordable and simple process for anyone.

AquaTru is a countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that's certified to create bottled-quality water. AquaTru containers are made from the safest, purest plastic available. All products are environmentally kind and space saving.

What's wrong with typical fridge and pitcher filters?

Typical fridge and pitcher filters are just filters, not purifiers. Most pitcher and refrigerator filters are designed to make your water taste better, and not necessarily safer. These filters remove simple chemicals like chlorine, but may leave behind a toxic chemicals.

AquaTru is certified to remove over 15x more contaminants than the best selling pitcher water filter.

How does AquaTru work?

The comprehensive water filter process takes out millions of contaminants from your tap water, including pharmaceuticals, chlorine, pesticides, glyphosate, heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria and much more.

AquaTru is compact, portable and virtually silent.

The AquaTru unit sits easily on your counter or under any standard kitchen cabinet. Because it requires no plumbing, you can take it with you if you move and even when you travel – it’s perfect for RVs, boats and extended stay vacation spots. A simple dispensing button makes filling up your glass or water bottle fast and convenient.

Backed by science and proven effectiveness.

Activist-turned-scientist, Mike Adams tested AquaTru in his lab for its ability to remove heavy metals and elements with radioactive isotopes (such as Cesium-137).

The results were remarkable:

- Aluminum reduction = 92.99%
- Copper reduction = 99.79%
- Arsenic reduction = 99.90%
- Strontium reduction = 98.80%
- Cadmium reduction = 100.00%
- Cesium reduction = 100.00%
- Mercury reduction = 100.00%
- Lead reduction = 99.90%
- Uranium reduction = 100.00%

Save Money. Drink Safely. Save the Environment.

Purchase your AquaTru water purifier here to get automatic savings.

"A FEW FUN FACTS ABOUT AQUATRU: The cheapest and most effective reverse osmosis water filter on the market.

AquaTru will save you money: Did you know bottled water costs more per gallon than gasoline?

Yes, if you buy the recommended eight glasses of water a day (1460 pints) at $.25 a pint (if you buy at Costco) that will cost you $365 a year. At $1.00 a bottle from a convenience store, it works out to $1460 per person. Or $5840 for a family of four.

Did you realize Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle water bottling operations all run on TAP WATER, which is purified using the same reverse osmosis technology as AquaTru? Now you can make your own bottled water quality for just pennies a gallon (without handing over your hard earned money to these corporations with questionable motives)." – Ben