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Health begins with sleep.

Sleep science tells us we sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed when our bodies are at the right temperature at the right times of the night.

BedJet is a cooling, warming, and sweat-drying sleep system designed by a former NASA spacesuit engineer to keep you at your most perfect temperature in bed.

BedJet was the first company to introduce biorhythm sleep technology, enabling you to pre-program personalized cooling and warming settings for every hour of the night that promote deeper, longer sleep.

There are four main factors that contribute to your sleep quality:

  • Your sleep surface
  • The lighting in your bedroom
  • Sound
  • Temperature

Typically, a lot of attention is concentrated on the first three factors. Though we don't often consider temperature when we think about the quality of our sleep.

But here's the thing...

When you control your sleep temperature you fall asleep faster and achieve deeper, more restorative sleep. You wake up more refreshed and maintain better energy levels throughout the day.

With BedJet, you get to control this last component of healthy sleep – your sleep temperature.

How does BedJet work?

Powered air cooling rapidly wicks away body heat and moisture for fast cooling relief - a great solution for hot sleepers, night sweats, couples with different sleep temperature needs, and anyone looking for peak performance. Heat mode gives bedding toasty "just out of the dryer" warmth in seconds - great therapy for cold feet, and a safer alternative to electric blankets while warming the bed 15x faster.

Patented Cloud Sheet

Our patented double layer Cloud Sheet has special interior air flow chambers. BedJet air flows directly into the sheet to then gently diffuse onto your body through small perforations in the sheet. Woven with super-soft 100% pure cotton (percale and sateen), feels just like high quality 5-star hotel bed linen against your skin.

Dual Zone for Couples

55% of couples disagree on sleep temperature, BedJet helps you sleep better together with custom temperature control for both sides of the bed. The Dual Zone sheet has a seam down the inside middle of the sheet so couples can make half of the bed cooled like Alaska, and the other half warm like Hawaii.

Better Recovery for Peak Performance

Sleep is just as important to peak performance as exercise and nutrition. That’s why more professional athletes and Olympians sleep with BedJet than any similar product. BedJet provides cooling comfort for optimal rest and muscle recovery.

BedJet is clinically Proven by doctors to help you sleep better.

In a doctor-led study of chronically hot sleepers, BedJet is the first device ever with these incredible results. BedJet is the only product in its category whose clinical sleep results were published in a medical journal and presented at a medical conference by physicians for physicians.

  • 94% fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer, and woke less frequently
  • 89% had improved daytime function and reduced fatigue
  • 85% got significant relief from night sweats and hot flashes

Is it quiet?

BedJet has custom built-in acoustic dampening and a silky quiet digital DC motor to give you perfectly quiet cooling comfort.

Start sleeping better with BedJet!

“Sleeping in a cold environment is one of the best hacks I have for enhancing my deep sleep percentages and getting to sleep faster. The only tool I've found that consistently allows me to attain relaxing cold during sleep - even after workouts or a heavy meal - is the BedJet.

This thing is a total game changer for enhancing your rest and relaxation. If you haven't experienced cold circulating under your body while you're sleeping, you're missing out on true, restorative deep sleep!" – Ben