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Greenfield Water Solutions’ Hydro-RS Regenerative Whole House Structured Water System

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Greenfield Water Solutions is proud to now offer their very own structured water filtration system.

With a rapidly growing concern worldwide for difficult-to-remove contaminants (such as Fluoride, Arsenic, Nitrates, and many many more) we knew we needed to develop a system that will not only address broad spectrum contaminants at maximum levels, but also prevent these concentrated contaminants from returning to the environment, we do this through a completely regenerative and environmentally conscious system with maximum contaminant removal.

This system will ultrafilter, descale, structure, and energize the water throughout every spout in your home. Included in purchase is a single stage undersink mineralizer to re-mineralize your drinking water.

What is the Hydro-RS Regenerative Filtration System?

The Hydro-RS system uses advanced oxidation to turn pollutants into CO2, water and mineral acids — effectively, and safely removing them from going back into our sacred earth.

Other filters and systems merely collect and concentrate pollutants – they are unable to remove micropollutants and harmful perfluorinated compounds from the drinking water. These pollutants then become someone else’s problem with the filter or tank media that is disposed of.

The catalytic carbon media that the Greenfield Water System uses has two physical enhancements. This allows media to have a positive and negative backbone to attract, capture and eliminate contaminants most systems can’t touch. This system can regenerate its carbon to 99% of its original capacity with an affordable $35.00 regeneration packet every 6-12 months (depending on water quality) – This media can be regenerated for a decade and likely longer (Lab tested up to 60 regeneration cycles). After which time new media can be placed for the next decade.

The Hydro-RS Regenerative Filtration System:

  • Uses ultrafiltration
  • Descales hard water
  • Structures, energizes and re-mineralizes
  • Environmentally conscious

Click here to get your Hydro-RS Regenerative Filtration System now at Greenfield Naturals, and use coupon code BEN10 for a 10% discount.

For a lower cost option, you may also want to check out...

The Handheld Vortexer.

The Copper Handheld Vortexer is a portable option for structuring your water at your sink or on the go. It exhibits antibacterial properties and superior energy transfer and is mostly made of materials that have been with us since antiquity.

The Copper Handheld Vortexer is comprised of copper, glass, stainless steel and our proprietary blend of minerals imbedded in food grade silicone for optimal energization.

Simply pour water into the device and it is immediately structured and energised as it comes out the other side. Improves the taste, energetics and hydration of any beverage.


"I have complete peace of mind knowing that my Hydro-RS Regenerative Filtration System is delivering me clean, pure structured water, as close to nature as possible." — Ben

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