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Ben’s Recommended Lab Tests

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$830 (varies by state)
Thorne Advanced Blood Testing Panel
$830 (varies by state)
Labcorp Advanced Health Panel
Oxidative Stress Analysis $359
TruAge Complete Collection
3X4 Genetics Test + Blueprint Report $374
Ayumetrix Thyroid Health Panel
DUTCH Urine Steroid Hormone Profile $369
Gut Health
GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile – Stool (Three Day Collection)-Genova Kit $495
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth 2-Hr Lactulose (SIBO) $260
Nutritional Analysis & Allergy Testing
Genova Diagnostics Metabolomix+ $399
Doctor's Data: Hair Elements $104
Cyrex Food Allergy Testing $1163
Cyrex Array 4 $340
Cyrex Array 10 $599
Basic Blood Spot Test
Blood Analysis
Labcorp Advanced Health Panel $545.45
Once you've received your lab results, you can book a lab consultation with Ben Greenfield.

Ben offers 20, 30 and 60 minute lab review consults, providing you with:

  • In-depth feedback on your lab results.
  • The opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification.
  • Strategies towards improving your overall health and longevity.

Book your lab consult with Ben.