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Genova Diagnostics – GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile – 3 Day

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Frustrated by gas, bloating or constipation? Concerned you're not getting enough nutrients from your food? Does something seem "wrong" with your body but you just can't figure out what it is?

It can all be in your gut.

With this test - the GI Effects® Gastrointestinal Function Comprehensive Profile - DNA analysis is used to go beyond the standard parameters for identifying gastrointestinal disorders.

See, your gastrointestinal tract (GI) is not just important for general health. It is key in digestion, immune system, neurotransmitter formation for your brain and sleep, hormone conversion, nutrient absorption and usage, and ridding your body of waste and pathogens.

So poor digestion and malabsorption can lead to immune dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, and various disease states – along with food allergies and other toxicities.

The unique methodology used in this complete gut test panel combines DNA Analysis, GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry), Microscopic, Colorimetric (test for the presence of enzymes, specific compounds, antibodies, hormones and many more substances), Automated Chemistry and EIA (enzyme immunoassay uses antibodies and color change to identify a substance).

In other words, the GI Effect® Comprehensive Profile is the gold standard for gut testing.

It's a home stool collection test kit that will be mailed to you and gives you everything you need to know what's going on inside your gut.

Order your GI Effect® Comprehensive Profile today.