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ReNew Life Rx Comprehensive Lab Panel™

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The first step to figuring out what is going on inside your body, is by getting comprehensive blood work.

The standard stuff you “should” be getting checked each year by your primary care physician is a good start, but most people don’t even get that done and almost nobody gets an extensive lab panel like the custom ReNew Life Rx Comprehensive Lab Panel™.

It is so important to have thorough lab work completed in order to have the most detailed look at your hormones and overall health.

ReNew Life Rx Comprehensive Lab Panel™ includes over 10 different hormonal markers (unique for men and women) along with all of the regular health testing you might get done with your primary care physician.

Understanding what is wrong only identifies the problem. Fixing what is wrong, is the solution.

ReNew Life Rx does both.

When you order your lab panel, you will receive:

  • the ReNew Life RX Comprehensive Lab Panel™
  • your blood safely drawn by a LabCorp location near you.
  • a consultation reviewing your results and personalized solutions to fix any hormonal issues

After you've purchased your ReNew Life Rx Comprehensive Lab Panel™, you will fill out a brief Health History Questionnaire so that ReNew Life Rx is able to give you the most accurate feedback what your results actually mean.

Within 24 hours of purchasing your ReNew Life RX Comprehensive Lab Panel™, you will receive an email with your lab requisition form and directions on how to find to the closest LabCorp™ to you.

Once you complete the simple lab draw at one of ReNew Life's LabCorp™ partnered facilities, your blood work will be assessed by the world’s leading health care diagnostic company. Because the panel is so extensive, it generally takes 4-5 business days for your results to come back and be reviewed by a ReNew Life Rx doctor.

After your lab test results have been reviewed and assessment has been made, ReNew Life Rx will contact you to review your results and go over personalized solutions to help fix any hormonal issues.

Order your ReNew Life Rx Comprehensive Lab Panel™ now, and use code BEN50 to save 50% on your initial labs and consultation.