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True Health Labs: Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Testing – Cyrex Array #10

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Food allergies are severe reactions that can even be life-threatening, but because your body's response to an allergen is fast, you often know that you have them and don't need to "test" for them.

Food intolerances are an entirely different matter.

They can be milder, yet have a frustrating effect of provoking your immune system and increasing inflammation in your body. They can cause:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Skin issues
  • Digestion issues
  • Leaky gut
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • And more...

ELISA and ALCAT are two of the most common blood tests that claim to identify food intolerances. They look at how your blood responds when exposed to a specific food. ELISA measures something called an IgG antibody reaction. ALCAT measures white blood cell reactions. At first glance, these sound like plausible theories. After all, antibodies and white blood cells are part of your immune system, and if your immune system reacts to a food, that would obviously signify intolerance, right?

Not so fast. Your immune system is incredibly complex.

Some studies show that an IgG response to a food actually indicates tolerance, not intolerance. And white blood cells constantly change shape and activity anyway, so if they do that in the presence of a food, that doesn't mean the food was the trigger. Furthermore, many labs will test for a white blood cell's reaction to a "raw" protein, like raw chicken or raw eggs or raw beef and not the cooked protein.

So, it's not a surprise that people often get these tests and then walk away with a frustrating, long list of foods they're "not supposed to eat." Not to mention, both of these tests also give inconsistent results.

So, what test works best for food allergy and intolerance testing?

The Cyrex Array 10 from True Health Labs is the most accurate and comprehensive test, for both food allergy testing and food intolerance testing.

The Cyrex Array 10 Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen tests for 180 food sensitivities.

It helps identify food sensitivities that may be promoting chronic health issues. Since the immune system can react differently to cooked, raw, and modified foods, the Array 10 test will give you the best guide on what foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

Cyrex adheres to and surpasses the highest standards of clinical laboratory testing worldwide. A Cyrex-designed quality control criterion called The Double Assurance System is the standard operating procedure at Cyrex Laboratories. It enhances the reproducibility, specificity, and sensitivity of all Cyrex arrays. Only Cyrex tests contain the accuracy enhancements provided by The Double Assurance System.

Cyrex is by far the most accurate method of food allergy and food intolerance testing you can get.

It won't give you"false positive" results. It instead identifies with laser accuracy exactly what you should and should not eat, leaving you with zero guesswork.

Order the gold standard in food allergy and food intolerance testing by clicking here. And banish your gut issues for good.

"The lab test I use most is Cyrex, for myself and all my clients. It's the gold standard for food allergy testing. They've got 22 different arrays of Cyrex.

For example,  I use is their Array 10C, which tests for gluten cross-reactivity and crude reaction to about 180 different antigens. And, they use the technology that tests for specific protein concentrations for each antigen. They validate each one individually rather than using a reference range to an entire group of different foods. They test for oils called oleosins. They're not just testing proteins – they're testing some oils that have hidden protein in them. Then, they're also looking at combining IgA and IgG on the same test.

Essentially, these are the reasons why I go with Cyrex for food allergy testing. If you don't know where to go for food allergy test, I recommend this one." — Ben