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Upgraded Formulas Mineral Testing

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Upgraded Formulas provides you with an in-depth analysis of your mineral levels and deficiencies, as well as top-of-the-line mineral supplements your body needs to live optimally.

Founded by chemical engineer and nutritionist, Barton Scott, Upgraded Formulas is a wellness nanotech company with a focus on identifying and correcting mineral deficiencies.

Upgraded Formulas pioneered Nano Mineral Supplementation—a process that allows minerals to be directly and immediately absorbed into the body’s cells, bypassing digestion completely. This is a massive improvement in absorption over regular liquids, pills and powders, helping you to quickly improve and optimize your health.

  • Increased health span
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced impacts of chronic health issues
  • Decelerated aging 

To get started, purchase your Upgraded Formulas Hair analysis kit & consultation here.

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"I find it very interesting, this concept of hacking minerals, so to speak, to get them very, very small for maximum absorption because–whether it is a blood test or a hair test, I do tend to see, especially these zinc-copper ratios and a lot of people I've seen test from, as well as magnesium. And potassium tends to be another big issues. The light-bulb moment for me was when I started to sleep better and had better blood pressure in response to my own full-spectrum mineral supplementation, particularly with really good salts, and now with a variety of minerals." — Ben