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Adrenal Stress Index Test (Cortisol Diurnal Rhythm-BioHealth Kit)

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An Adrenal Stress Index test, also known as an “ASI” or a “functional adrenal cortisol rhythm” test, is the number one test that you can get to identify the exact state of stress or adrenal exhaustion or overtraining that your body is experiencing, and the best way to test your cortisol levels.

If you find yourself feeling constantly run down, tired no matter how much you sleep or rest, stressed out, unmotivated, or unable to deal with stress, then this test is crucial to gain a full understanding of exactly what is going on inside your body from an adrenal, stress, and cortisol standpoint.

The test is quite simple: you get a kit in the mail with detailed instructions that show you exactly how to do four separate salivary cortisol measurements throughout the day. You then mail the test back in using the prepaid label that is provided with your kit and within several days, you receive an email showing exactly what your personal cortisol levels are at, and how to interpret these levels to see whether or not you are in a state of adrenal health, or whether you have adrenal fatigue or overtraining.

In an ideal scenario, your cortisol levels should start high in the morning and decline as the day transpires. Levels may fluctuate high or low at any of the four times of measurement, due to acute or chronic stress. The report that you receive after doing this test will fully explain whether or not your cortisol levels are normal, or if they are too high or too low.

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