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Earth Runners – Minimalist Earthing Sandals

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Whether you've been sitting on an airplane all day traveling and you need to reboot your body's electrical rhythms, or you're headed out for a trail run and you want to experience a connection to the planet like nothing you've ever felt before, Earth Runners are the perfect solution.

Earth Runners are minimalist sandals inspired by the world renowned long distance runners, the Tarahumara Native American Indians of Northwestern Mexico. These custom molded sandals recreate that one-of-a-kind primal experience of running or hiking barefoot, while minimizing risk of injury to your feet.

But Earth Runners go a step further, and actually enhance your body's natural connection to the planet Earth. Earth Runners' barefoot technology allows for energy flow of electrons between your feet and Earth. Both the copper plug and connected conductive laces ground you electrically by allowing electron transfer from the planet – directly to your body. So this earthing and grounding footwear actually enhances your connection to earth, allowing you to fight jet lag, increase energy, decrease brain fog, increase your time to fatigue and generate greater immune system strength.

The Circadian model pictured here has all the attributes of the original Earth Runner sandals that Ben Greenfield first talked about in his book “Beyond Training” – including a 9mm tread with amazing grip on any surface, unsurpassed durability, and a detailed ground feel. You won't sacrifice any proprioception (your “feel for the ground”) with these sandals. The signature lacing system of these running sandals incorporates a thin layer of mil-spec nylon to minimize stretch and increase longevity and can be ordered in five different color combinations. You choose either a brown leather or a black nylon as the base material as well as your preference of colored nylon trim.
Also featured is a locking buckle that provides a secure fit for any adventure.

All Earth Runners sandals are made in the USA, in a small factory in the Santa Cruz mountains. The creators – runners and healthy living enthusiasts Michael Dally and Colin Evans combine ancient design with modern manufacturing to create the ultimate sandal experience. Lightweight and durable in design, these sandals are built to hold up in any of your travel and outdoor adventures for years to come.