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FINIS Freestyler Swim Paddles

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FINIS Freestyler Swim Paddles are the only hand paddles specifically designed for freestyle swimming. Utilizing a patented skeg technology, the Freestyler allows you to properly position your hand at the beginning of the swim stroke – basically “teaching” your hand how to move the right way through the water. If you've always struggled with knowing how your hand should feel when it enters and pulls through the water during swimming, these swim paddles will teach your hands exactly what to do.

The patented skeg design will gently force you to maximize your arm extension and initiate your rotation at the beginning of your stroke, making you faster and more efficient in the water. This paddle significantly decreases the tendency for the arms to “cross over” when you swim and keeps you swimming with perfect upper body form! Why hire an expensive swim coach when paddles can teach your hands what to do? Try these unique swim paddles today.