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FINIS Front-Mounted Swimming Snorkel

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The FINIS Front-Mounted Swimming Snorkel is specifically designed to help you concentrate on your head position and body alignment by removing the head movements required for breathing, and is also perfect for swimming in open water such as rivers, lakes and the ocean while seeing everything around you. This snorkel is ideal for swimmers with neck and back issues, allowing for a tucked head position during training. Features include:

– Helps swimmers with neck and back issues navigate the water.
– Elliptical shape minimizes drag.
– 1-way purge valve for quick water release clear and easy breathing.
– Snorkel head strap is easily adjustable and fits all sizes.
– Injection-molded thermoplastic and medical grade silicone.

When worn with swim goggles to promote proper head and body position, the front positioning of this snorkel allows you to swim at slower or faster speeds with perfect stability. It can be worn with your swim cap and goggles and stays in place for all competitive strokes, including flip turns.

I recommend combining the snorkel with the Cardio Cap for added hypoxic swim training to enhance lung capacity.