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FINIS Z2 Zoomer Swim Fins

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FINIS Z2 Zoomer Swim Fins utilize a patented angle and quick response technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. The smaller blades allow your legs to work harder without overloading the muscles, thus helping you sustain better form over a longer period of time. In short, these fins “teach” your feet and legs how to kick properly while swimming.

So if you struggle with an inefficient kick, have a “runner's kick” in the water, need to learn how to kick properly, then these fins are a perfect way to do it.

The higher propulsion generated by the use of Z2 supports a higher body position and better body roll for a greater level of conditioning across freestyle, backstroke or butterfly. FINIS Z2s are easy to use because they create immediate propulsion and generate force in both directions of the kick. Their size and shape offer greater ease of movement, comfort and safety, and allow swimmers of any ability to transfer the full power of their legs into the water.

Why hire an expensive swim instructor when a set of fins can automatically help you to swim faster and better? Try these unique swimming fins today!