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Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter

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Dirty electricity is electromagnetic interference (EMI) on AC power lines. This potentially harmful electro-pollution is emitted by light dimmer switches, compact fluorescent light bulbs, computers, TVs, cordless phones, and many other electrical devices. It's all around us – in our homes, schools, workplaces, and other public buildings. Scientists are discovering connections between dirty electricity and a variety of health problems, including:

– Brain fog
– Insomnia
– Asthma
– Cancer
– Diabetes
– Neurological Problems
– Headaches
– Chronic Fatigue
– Muscle & Joint Pain
– Mood Issues

You can reduce dirty electricity in any room in your house by simply plugging in a Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter or using a series of Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters throughout your home. Watch the video below to see how Ben Greenfield reduces electrical pollution in his office, then click here to grab a dirty electricity filter pack from Greenwave.