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Nutrient Deficiency Testing

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Eating a healthy diet doesn't always translate into nutrients being available for use in your body. As you can probably guess, a history of eating an unhealthy diet at any time in your life can make things even worse – but there's no way to find out unless you get nutrient deficiency testing.

In fact, many experts feel that even though the average person eats far more calories than he or she needs, they still fall short of vitamin and mineral targets – and you can literally eat tens out thousands of calories per day and still not get all the nutrients you need! This is just the sad truth of the modern commercial food environment that we live in.

This Nutrient Deficiency testing panel includes an exact analysis of a number of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in your body, which easily and quickly helps to identify whether you are consuming enough of, or too much of any single nutrients. Nutrients that are too high can be as problematic as levels that are too low, but now you can target with laser precision exactly which nutrients need adjustments in your body.

Panels included in your Nutrient Deficiency package include:

  • Ferritin
  • 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • RBC magnesium
  • Complete metabolic panel
  • Complete blood count

The process of testing is very easy. After you order, you'll be given complete instructions to print your test instructions and simply bring to a lab and hand to a lab technician – along with easy-to-understand directions to find a lab in your area to have your test easily performed. Within just a few days, you'll get the results sent to you, along with easy instructions for interpretation!

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