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Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton

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Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton is the most powerful and essential superfood on Earth – all in a single dropper of dense, green nutrients.

According to NASA research, marine phytoplankton is responsible for producing up to 90% of the Earth's oxygen (compare this to a mature tree which only creates enough oxygen for two human beings). The main “job” of this phytoplankton is to turn inorganic raw material (such as seawater, minerals, sunlight and carbon dioxide) into hundred of living edible, organic nutrients for life on Earth.These nutrients include vitamins, bioavailable minerals, all amino acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids and more.

Now, imagine how you would react when you put just one dropper (a total of 170 billion cells in a single dropper) of this marine phytoplankton superfood into your body. It would be like a life-activating jolt to your system, forcing every part of you to tune in and turn up – including your brain, your heart and circulation, your lungs, your immune system, your digestive system, everything down to the cellular level.

That's what you get with just one dropperful of the Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton, which has fed life as we know it since the beginning of time! Click here to get a bottle now and use code BEN for 15% off!