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ProstÉlan Prostate Protection Capsules

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ProstÉlan Prostate Protection Capsules' unique formula includes a powerful flower pollen extract that has been clinically proven in Europe and Japan to promote prostate health – and also includes ingredients that will assist to clear urinary tract infections in women and men and improve reproductive health in men. It gives quicker and more comprehensive results than the usual nutritional choices such as saw palmetto or pygeum. ProstÉlan is rich in important nutrients for men and women's anti-aging, health, prostate support and clearance of inflammation from reproductive areas.

ProstÉlan contains a blend of prostate support nutrients, including a special flower pollen extract extensively used and studied in Europe and Japan. It provides nutritional support helpful in relaxing smooth muscle to allow complete voiding during urination, reducing inflammation, directing zinc to the prostate, and promoting the clearance of DHT from the body. People often see results in half the time of the traditional prostate support nutritional supplements such as saw palmetto or pygeum.

Two ProstÉlan capsules are a common daily dose, and this contains 5mg zinc, 0.2mg copper, 600mg flower pollen extract and 107mg plant phytosterols and lycopene. For advanced usage, you can take up to six per day.