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TheraBand Exercise Tubing With Handles

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Although one piece of elastic tubing with handles on either end is fine, a few different elastic exercise tubes with handles that give you varying levels of resistance can offer you more variety for exercises – from pulling to pushing to twisting. For stronger hips and butt and an added calorie-burn you can even tie your legs together with elastic tubes and walk around the house while you're cleaning or doing laundry. And of course, anytime you throw these in your luggage while traveling, you're guaranteed you can squeeze in a workout anytime, anyplace.

You can use elastic exercise tubes for:

-Side-to-side walks
-Arm extensions
-Shoulder side raises
-Shoulder front raises
-Butt kickouts
-And much more!

For versatility, durability and quality, we recommend TheraBand Exercise Tubing with Handles.