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Sleep Master Sleep Mask

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With its unique patented design (U.S. Patent Nos. D465,234 S and D668,703 S), this revolutionary Sleep Mask by Sleep Master is an adjustable sleep mask that features total light eliminations and exclusive built-in sound muffling, making it Ben Greenfield's sleep mask of choice for home, airplanes, camping and more.

Sleep Master was invented not just for people with insomnia or sleeping difficulties, but also for those who just enjoy napping during the day or want to get better sleep while traveling, and even for those whose partners insist on watching TV or reading late into the night. This an all-in-one sleep mask that combines light elimination and sound reduction, the two conditions crucial for deep, restorative sleep. Sleep Master's comfortable fit and relaxing effect quickly induces an amazingly deep and refreshing sleep or nap.

A one-size-fits-all, user-friendly, simple product, Sleep Master allows you to enjoy healthy and natural sleep. Light and easy to carry, use Sleep Master anytime, anywhere. With its exclusive patented design, and use of the highest quality materials (made in the USA), Sleep Master is the finest and most effective sleep mask available on the market today.

Why is Sleep Master so unique (and patented)?

After extensive research, the inventor of Sleep Master (an insomnia sufferer) couldn't find a sleep mask that combined the conditions necessary for deep sleep: light elimination and sound reduction. Traditional sleep masks didn't fit or last. They all had thin elastic straps that shift uncomfortably during sleep, fray apart quickly or simply snap off after only a few uses, never mind the disastrous results from washing them. Thus was born Sleep Master, utilizing a soft, cooling, stretch satin fabric, that is comfortable, light weight and breathable, flexible, durable, wide and easily connected in the back by Velcro. The ear area is padded for sound muffling. It stretches or constricts for the fit you desire.Sleep Master is a simple, all-in-one, one-size-fits-all product, which eliminates light and reduces sound, giving you a deep, refreshing sleep by shutting out the world in an immediate, intimate way.

Traditional sleep masks only cover your eyes, and are clumsy and uncomfortable. They provide no noise relief, requiring the separate use of ear plugs, which constantly fall out with the head movement that happens during sleep. In contrast, Sleep Master is adjustable, comfortably surrounds your head and covers your ears (easily connecting in the back of the head with velcro strips), simultaneously blocking light and muffling sound, quickly inducing a deep and refreshing sleep. Combined with total light elimination, the patented built-in sound muffling feature induces a deep and refreshing sleep, shutting out the world in an immediate intimate way.

And, for you ladies, we've all heard the saying “Nothing looks better on a woman than a good night's sleep.” Well, Sleep Master takes this concept even further – in addition to its sleep effect, a special bonus is that Sleep Master actually keeps your hairstyle in place during sleep! Wake up, take off Sleep Master, and you are ready to go…no bedhead!

Feel your body, mind and spirit respond to natural and restful sleep. Sleep Master makes a great gift for those who have frequent airline trips and hotel stays, have a noisy rest environment, or who just like to sleep-in or nap. For example, do you know any nurses or other night-shift workers? Sleep Master makes a terrific and thoughtful gift item for your loved ones, friends and colleagues who value restful sleep.

To all our friends out there who wish to live life to its fullest, and understand the value of proper sleep to achieve that goal, we believe the sleep mask by Sleep Master is the safe and natural answer.

Each order comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so why not try Sleep Master? If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your mask, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, undamaged, and a full refund (less the original S&H charge) will be immediately issued.