Custom Yoga Video Routine

Get Your Own Personalized, Custom Video That Includes Yoga, Physical Therapy, Meditation, Breathing & Anything Else You Desire To Optimize Your Body For The Day!

My name is Dr. Somer Nicole and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and have been teaching Yoga since 2000. I am the founder of an online platform for Yoga, Meditation and holistic self-care called YogaDoctors.TV.

The #1 question people ask me is, “What’s the best thing I can do for self-care?” My answer is simple. It is to cultivate a daily practice, which can include calming your nervous system, centering your mind and moving your body in a way that brings balance.

And one of the best ways to do that is…

(rather than hopping into some random, generic yoga class designed for the general public, or rather than strapping on some meditation phone app that isn't designed for your own specific set of needs)

…to have your own custom yoga, physical therapy, meditation, breathing designed for you, just like Ben Greenfield asked me to do when he first approached me to design his custom kundalini yoga routine.

This is a perfect opportunity for you if are recovering from an injury or surgery, seeking more balance and strength on all levels, wanting to cultivate a home practice and have specific goals, or you simply desire to own your own customized go-to routine that energizes your unique body, brain and set of organs for every single day or at any moment you need a surge of health and energy.

Here's how it works…

First, you and I hop on a quick phone or Skype call. You can be anywhere in the world, of any fitness or health level.

Next, after I interview you, I create a custom routine for you based on your health history, exercise history and unique set of goals, such as…

… “I want to have better gastrointestinal function during the day”…

…or “I want my low back to have no pain”…

…or “I want my heart and brain to feel open and invited to everyone around me”…

You get the idea! And if you don't have a specific goal, then don't worry, during our call I can help you discover what your goals should be.

The final result, your own personalized, custom video that you can watch from any phone, tablet, TV or computer, will include any combination of:

  • Physical Therapy ~ for condition-specific exercises
  • Hatha Yoga ~ for flexibility, balance, strength & meditation preparation
  • Kundalini Yoga ~ for clearing energetic blockages and expanding your consciousness
  • Meditation ~ for calming the mind, improving focus and enhancing your presence

This custom video routine is normally $350, and includes:

  • The phone or Skype consultation to access your specific needs and goals
  • Filming and editing of a 30 minute custom video for you
  • Video file that is yours to keep forever

Furthermore, by simply mentioning Ben Greenfield when you visit YogaDoctors.TV or contact me at [email protected], you'll instantly get a $100 discount…

…which means you get your own custom yoga routine that you can use forever, at the drop of a hat, anywhere you want, completely customized to your chakras, your organs, your goals and your health, for less than the cost of a few yoga classes or personal training sessions.

Ben Greenfield absolutely loves his new kundalini yoga routine I designed for him (which he talks all about in this podcast) and I guarantee you will too. I look forward to chatting with you and helping you design an amazing way to start or end your day.

In Health and Love,
Dr. Somer Nicole
Founder of YogaDoctors.TV
Email: [email protected]

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