6 Exercises For Better Shoulders (And 2 Exercises To Avoid)

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In this video, you'll learn 6 exercises for better shoulders, and 2 exercises to avoid.

Exercises recommend in this video:

Arm Circles
Cuban Press
Russian Twists
Shoulder Blade Push-Ups
Door Frame Rows

Exercises to avoid:

Ballistic Reverse Shoulder Flies
“Leaning Into Doorframe” Stretch

In this video, I'm wearing compression gear. To learn why, read this article.

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10 thoughts on “6 Exercises For Better Shoulders (And 2 Exercises To Avoid)

  1. Day one of training for sprint triathlons complete…came across your website. I am either having impingment or rotator cuff issues, and would like a little more detailed advice if possible.
    How many times per week should i do these exercises?
    Should i be using ice? (if so how often)
    Also read about your torn pectoral in the sports team article. Should i use either the mineral stuff or the holistic cream, or maybee take those pills?

    1. 1-2x/week andrew, and icing will not be as efficacious as foam rolling the back of your shoulders and rotator cuff. For injury healing, check this out: http://pacificfit.net

  2. Scott says:

    What if my shoulder makes a clicking noise on at the completion of every arm circle?? My throwing arm has been pretty week for years. It doesn't effect my swimming much, but it doesn't feel strong.

    1. The clicking is most likely due to muscular instability. The rotator cuff externally rotates the shoulder and provides stability to the shoulder joint during movement. If there is weakness or poor activation of your cuff, the ball and socket shoulder joint moves around and clicks. So start strengthening your rotator cuff!

      1. roadtoironmom says:

        I have tons of clicking! most if arms are in start of overhead press position and rotate forward. I will get to work on these exercises today! thanks!

  3. Kristin says:

    Thanks Ben! Good stuff :) (even if you were using yer palm pilot teleprompter ;) )
    Hah, good eyes Todd! Had to re-watch to see what you were talking about ;b

  4. Todd says:

    DId you do Sarah Palin and write cues on the inside of your palm?

  5. kem says:

    I bookmarked this video. Its a few weeks early for me… still in the sling and bolster. I hope the surgeon will let the physio start passive movement next week.

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