9 Proven Ways To Stay Incredibly Fit When You’re Traveling

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Resources from this video:

#1: Elastic Band – In the video, I show a basic piece of elastic tubing with handles, which is more versatile than a band.

#2: Running Shoes – These are the K-Swiss K-Ruuz. I like a “racing flat” minimalist style of shoe for traveling because they fold into a suitcase or backpack nicely.

#3: Gymstick – The Gymstick is basically a flexible piece of aluminum tubing with two elastic bands on it. You can do a ton of exercises with it, like I demonstrate in this Butt, Chest & Core Gymstick video. The non-telescoping version is good for the car, and if you indicate “send me telescoping version” on your order comments, you can get that version for airline travel.

#4: Jumprope – Sometimes there's not much space to run, or you don't feel like running. This is where a jumprope comes in handy. I like a weighted jumprope, which is more metabolically demanding.

#5: Mini-Band – These are better than just tying a piece of elastic tubing around your ankles, and don't “cut into your skin”. The Mini-Bands from Perform Better are a good choice.

#6: Fit10 – Probably one of my favorites for a full-body workout that also lets you do things like cardio sprints in a tiny space. Go here for both a video of me demoing and also to learn more about the Fit10.

#7: Swimming Stuff – Bare minimum is goggles, a decent suit that (for you guys out there) isn't so baggy it becomes annoying or chafes, and preferably also an underwater .mp3 player like the SwimP3 to keep you entertained. SwimOutlet is the cheapest place to get most swim gear.

#8: The Internet – Typically, my most commonly used resource for finding gyms, pools, or healthy grocery stores near me is simply Google Maps. But a few other good sites are AirportGyms.com and SwimmersGuide.com. For finding routes, a free TrainingPeaks account is a useful addition.

#9: Muscle Care – The two I currently have, show in the video, and personally use are the Muscletrac, which I've used quite a bit, and the Myorope, which is rather new, but I've been liking it.

What about you? What travel fitness tips and portable fitness gear do you use to stay fit while you're traveling? Are there travel fitness or travel workout resources I didn't mention? Leave your comments, questions and feedback below!

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  1. JC Arroyo says:

    Hi, which weigthed ropes do you use? Have you tried the Crossrope system, or the Legacy Rope? Do you jump often?

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