A Hiatus.

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My friend Garrett Gunderson has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet and challenged me to open for him on one of his comedy tour stops, on May 10 in Austin, Texas.


…I guess I need to work on a stand-up comedy set. Therefore, I'm taking a pause from my Sunday articles (for now).

Should you care to attend with a basket of rotten fruit, here are all the event details.

If anyone has any jokes or ideas for me, feel free to leave them below. I'll likely ignore them all, dress up in a giant chicken suit and dance the Macarena. But nonetheless, feel free to leave your thoughts. 

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14 thoughts on “A Hiatus.

  1. Larry says:

    My wife spiked my drink with you sleep pills so she could get a good nights sleep herself. It worked!!
    I had romantic plans that unfortunately I only dreamed about. When I found out what she had done and I had missed out on an amorous night, I pitched your pills in the toilet. They do work !

    1. lol thanks I think.

  2. Roger Moore says:

    Hi Ben!

    I could write a joke here. But I’d rather hear what you come up with for your set.

    Here’s an idea for your comedy endeavors and a podcast:

    I’ve taken several comedy classes in Los Angeles. Greg Dean’s class stands head and shoulders above the rest. He has a method that teaches you to write jokes, not just feeding you his jokes. Some famous comedians have taken his class.

    And most importantly, Greg teaches Crowdwork and what to do when you bomb. I loving remember the first time I got up on stage and bombed! I would have given Greg a million dollars and my kids to have that advice then!

    More than that, Greg teaches joke structure and how to perform stand-up better. You should look at taking zoom class with him or engaging him personally. He also does live courses in Santa Monica. Do the live because you can get feedback on your set from your classmates. But that may not fit your time frame.


    He also has a book. But I would recommend the class for the live feedback and coaching.

  3. Earl says:

    I mean, I think you could get a lot of mileage out of coffee enemas…… Haha! Seems like “crazy” health stuff can be pretty amusing to folks not familiar with them. Hope it goes well!

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      that’s a good one Earl!

  4. Max says:

    A challenge for Ben: don’t talk about anything health related

  5. Michelle says:

    Ben, I think that jokes are best when they apply to us, are relatable, and they are a little true. I could see you giving people hell for all the crazy fad diets they are on. Like, I just met this lady who is on the Mediterranean diet so that she can eat all of the bacon she wants. (???) Everyone has that crazy uncle on the vegan carnivore diet. You can probably come up with better examples than I can. Good luck in Austin! I know you will have a blast.

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      thanks Michelle!

  6. Derek Norsworthy says:

    That’s God calling you to expand the platform brother! Its time for more people to hear the message of Ben Greenfield! Congratulations brother! You have plenty of content to talk about, as God has done such good work through you brother! 🙏🏻

  7. Vicki Basham says:

    Happy Easter 🐇🐣

  8. Lukas Coburn says:

    Please, Please, Please record this Ben!!!

    What’s the hardest part of making skimmed milk? Skipping the cows across the pond ;)

  9. Georgia Lucas says:

    Love seeing all your growth the past few years. Good for you. You inspire my husband and I to grow and it’s been uncomfortable and amazing all at the same time. Thanks again!

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      appreciate the feedback Georgia — it’s often necessary to get out of our comfort zones in order to grow

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