Amniotic Stem Cell Injections, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, High Dose Vitamin C Therapy & More: A Health Hacking Journey

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Three weeks ago, I traveled to Salt Lake City for a three-day “health hacking journey” that involved advanced muscle integration technique, high dose vitamin C therapy, stem cell injections and more. I received so many questions about the journey that I figured I'd give you the complete lowdown in today's article, complete with videos and other helpful downloads. 

Enjoy the knowledge you'll discover below, and leave any questions or comments under the article.

Day 1: In Which I Turn Back On Inhibited Muscles & Adjust All The Bones Inside My Skull

On my first day in Salt Lake City, I visited the offices of Dr. Craig Buhler for a four-hour Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) session. I first heard of Craig, also know as “Dr. Two Fingers” in Tim Ferriss’s book “4-Hour Body”,  when I interviewed him several years ago about how he can make injuries and issues that have nagged the body for as long as decades, completely disappear with special techniques – and also how his technique can keep acute injuries from becoming long-term problems.

AMIT practitioners can predict injuries by examining and identifying instabilities in the body, which in most cases lead to injury. The therapies utilized in AMIT procedures allow for rapid corrections of instabilities, resulting in improved function, removal of pain and an overall new level of performance.

There are many things that can aid in shutting a muscle down. Simply being active and doing the many day-to-day activities put stresses on your body and can create imbalances. Strenuous activity, athletics, daily recreation, and nutritional habits are all examples of things that can contribute to muscles becoming inhibited. Craig sees patients with as little as 10-15 muscles shut down and some with 70-80 muscles that are shut down.

In activating a muscle an AMIT practitioner must stimulate 7 reflux points using his hands. There is one neurovascular point, one neurolymphatic point, two organ reflex points, an acupressure point, and the origin an insertion of the muscle itself. After stimulating these points together, the doctor will retest the muscle to determine that the muscle has become strong. Here's an example of Craig turning my glutes “back on” and the subsequent range of motion increase:

In addition, Craig performed a nasal chiropractic balloon adjustment on my sinuses. This blew my mind. Watch the video below to see what I mean:

Additional resources from the Dr. Buhler clinic visit:

My podcast with Dr. Craig Buhler

Dr. Buhler's website

Day 2: In Which I Fix My Low Back, My Gastrointestinal Issues & Supercharge My Immune System

On Day 2, I drove nearly two hours from Salt Lake to Pocatello, Idaho to visit Dr. Jason West's clinic (along with Naomi Whittel, who I interviewed during the drive for the episode “Drinking Sperm, Smearing Mayonnaise On Your Face, Protein Cycling & A Cell Death Deep Dive With Author Naomi Whittel”)

What you're about to witness is one of the most cutting-edge protocols in naturopathic and chiropractic care. Dr. Jason West – who operates the world-famous West Clinic in Pocatello, ID – not only administered high-dose Vitamin C and an athlete “cocktail” into my body – but also performed the procedure in this video.

Other treatments done at Jason's clinic included:

-IV vitamin C therapy
-Stomach – neural therapy 
-Nerve of maigne therapy
-Regenerative injection therapy with prolozone (proliferative therapy using ozone)

Upon leaving his clinic, my body felt like a new man – with several of the gastrointestinal and low back complaints I had completely gone.

Additional resources from the Dr. Jason West clinic visit:

-Naomi Whittel's book, Glow15: A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin, and Invigorate Your Life

My podcast with Naomi Whittel

Dr. Jason West's clinic

-PDF Download:  Neural Therapy handout

-PDF Download:  Prolozone Therapy handout

Day 3: In Which I Receive A Full Body Stem Cell IV & Low Back Stem Cell Injection

On Day 3, I traveled back to Salt Lake City for an amniotic stem cell injection at the East West Clinic owned by Dr. Regan Archibald. Watch the video below to see the entire stem cell IV and injection procedure performed on me:

Regan explained the procedure as follows:

“On March 20th, my team used 1 ml of a product called StemShot from Utah Cord Bank in your back. The areas targeted were T12/L1 and L2. 1-1 1/2” deep injections were administered into tender areas along the erector muscles of the spine, primarily the longissimus dorsum and spinalis. Reversal of hypertonicity in the paraspinals, reducing inflammation in the spinal nerves, and repair of soft tissue damage was the intent of this procedure. The fact that you palpated exactly where the troubled areas existed in your paraspinals and the ease of point location with your anatomy allowed for a successful injection. We typically will use ultrasound guidance in more difficult cases but we don’t use C-arm as the gamma rays have the potential to damage healthy stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to home into damaged areas and we’ve had a high level of success with our spinal treatments.

You also received a 1 ml IV infusion of StemVive from Utah Cord Bank. The StemVive product still has the same cell count, growth factor, and cytokine make-up as the StemShot, the only difference is that in this product some of the extracellular matrix has been sacrificed so that the cells can make it through the lungs intact. 90-95% of the cells will stop in the lungs initially but within 24 hours they can be found in every tissue compartment in your body. This is also the same product used in our brain treatments intranasally.

You also received acupuncture following your procedures. Points were selected and needled with 38 gauge acupuncture needles on your Bladder, Liver, Governing Vessel, and Kidney meridians to increase blood circulation in your spine and to promote intra stem cell release. Several papers have suggested that acupuncture improves the response rate of stem cell therapy.”

Here are several studies that delve into the fascinating links explaining the relationship between acupuncture and stem cell injections:

Electro-acupuncture promotes differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells, regeneration of nerve fibers and partial functional recovery after spinal cord injury

The Mechanism of Acupuncture – Beyond Neurohumoral Theory

Adult Neurogenesis and Acupuncture Stimulation at ST36

Additional resources and videos from my stem cell injection at East West Clinic:

-YouTube: Brain Regeneration with Intranasal Cell Therapy

-YouTube: Stem Cell Pain and Health Transformation

-PDF: Post Stem Cell Follow Up

East West Clinic, mention Ben for a free consultation


Occasional “getaways” like this to reboot your body are something I highly encourage for anyone who can take the time and spend the resources to do it. Consider these type of adventures to be an investment in your body that pays off for years to come (and stay tuned for details on a two-week full body reboot that I am organizing for 2019 – in Switzerland!)

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Dr. Buhler, Dr. West, Dr. Archibald, Naomi or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply! 


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  2. Brian Bauer says:

    Hey Ben, thanks for posting this article. I’m a former endurance athlete, x-fitter, current firefighter and all are hanging in the balances right now because of some serious hip issues I’ve been having. I am chaisomg down info on stem cells at the moment to avoid a hip replacement at 35. You said you chose this location for stem cell because of 4 hr body. Did you look out of the country to compare the options available overseas? I’ve heard they are allowed to do a more aggressive form of injection but I can’t find any solid answer to what that means and if it’s true? I’ve been in contact with several stem cell facilities and can’t seem to get a straight answer. Maybe there isn’t one, thought I’d see what you’ve learned about the international option along your way. Cheers and glad to hear you’ve had success in this.

    1. Vladimir says:

      Hey Brian, did you ever find international options that are “more agressive”/better? Thanks

  3. Hugh says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Prolozone therapy offered by the clinic as mentioned in this post?…

    1. Hugh C says:

      My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and is considering this type of treatment. I am trying to get any advice on this or other successful therapy for RA. Thanks in advance, Hugh.

      1. Hugh, I would contact the clinic for more information. Additionally, here are some resources I have on RA:………

        I also encourage you to ask the Kion Community for advice. It's a free online community I built of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice:

        1. Hugh says:

          Thank you for your reply! I will check out those links and resources. And I’ll be sure to get involved in the Kion Group. Cheers. Hugh.

  4. Tom Mac says:

    can you recommend a source for the bpc157, heard Joe and Bas talking about it?

  5. Ryan says:

    HI Ben, Was there a reason he used amniotic stem cells? These are commonly used in orthopedics and pain management, but I don’t hear them mentioned much in the biohacking circles. I think it would be a very interesting discussion to differentiate some of they various types of stem cells being used out there. I have a buddy who has worked with amnion for 10+ years and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject, Id be happy to put you in contact with.

  6. John d says:

    Of the three treatments which was the most beneficial ?

    Most interested in your upcoming health retreat

  7. sandra says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m curious what did he use in the injection to alleviate your gastrointestinal issues?


    1. I believe in this case it was Procaine, but he has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve. I'll try to get Jason to jump in and comment…

  8. Ryan Smith says:

    How much do each of these cost?

  9. Kevin says:

    How much does a health retreat like this cost?

  10. Joel Weston says:

    I just suffered a separated AC joint on my shoulder (grade 2) from a fall in ju jitsu. It happened 5 days ago. What is the best protocol for a speedy recovery? Is there any foods or supplements I can take and specific exercises I can do etc. Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I can’t work or train at the moment. Thanks 🙏🏼

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. I would consider some of the suggestions in this article I wrote though:… These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      1. Joel Weston says:

        Thanks for the info. There’s a few hacks I’m doing already thanks to listening to your podcasts but this is great. I was told to take ibuprofen etc. but refused for obvious reasons!

  11. Alisa says:

    Hello. I live in Spokane as well, and we have stem cell companies locally that I’m interested in receiving treatment from. Why did you choose to go to Utah instead? The Coeur d’Alene office does amniotic too.

    1. I had some friends in SLC who wanted to do this with me…so it was logical choice, plus these guys are the best of the best…

  12. Steven says:

    How can you objectively verify these treatments are working? Of course you were aware of confirmation bias.

    1. Yes, I can beyond a shadow of a doubt tell you my back pain has completely vanished.

      1. Mark Austin says:

        your back pain vanished as a result of which of the 3 treatments ?

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