How To Reverse Aging With Exercise

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Here's what we have from this week's episode “How To Reverse Aging With Exercise“.

Want to know how to reverse nearly 40 years of aging?


Lift heavy stuff.

That’s right. In the study “Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle”, it was proven that six months of progressive resistance training, AKA weight training that gets heavier over time, AKA “lifting heavy stuff” made the gene expression pattern of aging mitochondria become significantly younger.

See, muscles can become smaller and weaker with age (a process known as sarcopenia), and evidence suggests that a key part of the decline occurs in this mitochondria, a component of muscle cells that is the ultimate powerhouse – the primary engine of energy production. From the study, which was done on men at an average age of 70 years old, researchers reported that “…the older individuals were able to improve strength by approximately 50%, to levels that were only 38% less than that of young individuals…”. This means that seniors engaged in weight training closed the strength gap between themselves and their counterparts who were nearly 40 years younger from 59% to 38%, which is an improvement of almost 36% in a mere six months of the study. Muscle biopsies from the study showed “a remarkable reversal of the expression profile of 179 genes associated with age and exercise training…Genes that were down-regulated with age were correspondingly up-regulated with exercise, while genes that were up-regulated with age, were down-regulated with exercise.”


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