How To Stay Beautiful, Functional & Feeling Young As You Age: A Brand New Longevity Masterclass by Ben Greenfield

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Lately, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the science of longevity — and more importantly, how to apply its scientifically-validated principles into my daily life. For two years, I've been working on an entire book about the subject of anti-aging and full optimization of mind, body and spirit (details on that coming soon)…

…but behind the scenes, I've also been working on an entire class devoted to adding quality years to your life, and staying beautiful, fit and functional while doing so.

From sippin' on Pau D' Arco bark tea and daily intermittent fasts to recognizing the importance of (and ruthlessly making time in my schedule for) quality time spent with loved ones, to engaging in minimal effective dose of exercise strategies and plenty more, a large portion of my daily habits are now dedicated to scientifically proven methods for enhancing longevity. After all, the longer you're able to functionally serve your unique purpose on this planet, the more lives you'll be able to change and the more good you can do with the wonderful body and brain you've been blessed with.

This all started when I took a telomere test, which gives you an accurate measure of your biological age by analyzing the DNA found in your white blood cells.

I took the test when I was 34, and well, my biological age results were quite shocking and far different from the date inscribed on my driver's license. (hint: my body was aging faster than I expected).

Question was, could I reverse this?

Could I, through applying the latest research in longevity, take years off of my biological age?

Short answer: Yes.

In fact, after years of diving through pages and pages of research, self-experimentation, identifying what worked and what didn’t, I was delighted upon retesting my telomeres to discover that I managed to shave 17 years off my biological age.

And what surprised me the most was the what really moved the dial and made me look, feel and perform younger were protocols and biohacks that were surprisingly easy.

No fancy, multi-thousand dollar biohacking equipment. No wildly complex and long workout sessions. No expensive pills or creams.

And in my brand new “Masterclass” – produced in partnership with the wonderful online learning platform MindValley, I want to share some of the most powerful protocols you can apply in your life today to elevate key pillars in your wellbeing (namely your health, fitness, beauty and longevity).

The class is 100% free and is called “Rapid Biohacks For Exceptional Health“.

You can register here for free.

The benefits you'll reap from this course reach far beyond a younger biological age. Whatever your health and fitness goals may be right now, whether it’s to…

  • Melt a few extra inches around your waist so you can slip into those jeans and look good doing it…
  • Build a more muscle and finally build that ripped, athletic figure you’ve fantasized for years…
  • Or elevate your stamina so you don’t always feel like you’re out of breath from climbing a few flights of stairs…

…you'll learn simple and proven techniques for losing fat, building muscle, increasing endurance and more! The best part is, achieving these goals may take a lot less time than you were lead to believe (think just a few minutes a day instead of hours).

And the latest scientific research is proving this. It’s a concept called the “Minimum Effective Dose” via which, with this proven protocol and minimalist approach, you can build a body that looks, feels, and works the way you want it to in the shortest time possible.

To learn more about “Minimum Effective Dose”, along with much more, and how anyone—no matter how old you are today—can craft a strong, lean, sexy, and functional body that will last a lifetime, simply click here to register for this completely free online course. But hurry, it only runs until December 8th, so reserve your spot today!

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5 thoughts on “How To Stay Beautiful, Functional & Feeling Young As You Age: A Brand New Longevity Masterclass by Ben Greenfield

  1. Carlos dos Santos says:

    Ben, tell me about the pau d´arco bark tea. Does ir really work?

  2. marcus says:

    won’t do any program that requires a facebook account. I have never had a facebook account and will never get one.

    1. Julia says:

      Yes!! to Marcus; me neither!!

    2. Cathy says:

      No FB for me, either. Always good to know I’m. Or the only one!

    3. Kirk Bass says:

      Dont worry marcus I just made one with all of your information for you!

      Its mine now!

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