The Five Best Supplements and Foods to Increase Sexual Performance.

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If your reproductive system is working at top-notch capacity, it's a pretty good sign that you're fit on the outside and fit on the inside.

So a good sex life and strong sex drive is very intimately (pun intended, of course) tied to your fitness levels.

And that is why we sometimes feature articles about sex, drive and relationships.

The following such article is written by my friend Jordan Gray, bestselling author of multiple relationship, sex and dating books, and a guy who drastically improved my own married sex life. Enjoy, leave your comments and questions below the post, and be sure to check out Jordan's books on Amazon.

By the way, if you don't like frank and explicit talk about sex, then you may just want to skip this article.


I did an interview called “How To Get Fit For Sex” with Ben Greenfield a few months ago – and he asked me something that rattled around in my head for a while after our call.

At the end of our bad-ass hour long interview about how to get fit for sex, he asked me if I had experimented with any foods, supplements, or other magic potions to increase sexual performance. And up until that point, I hadn’t.

This set me on a three-month-long test to see how much I could dial up my drive, sexual performance, and erectile strength for the better.

Basically, I became a human guinea pig… for sex. Okay, I'll admit – that sounded stranger than I intended it to.

I have certainly written in the past on how to last longer, how to dial up the sexual polarity in your relationship, how to sexually strengthen yourself, and how ejaculating too much can drain you… but this was the first time that I had tested the idea that slightly shifting your diet could positively affect your sex life.

The results, at times, were pretty intense (read: extremely, overwhelmingly intense).

Now – keep in mind that I did not have my testosterone levels checked out by a doctor at any point in this process. This was not a scientific method. I was going strictly by how sexually voracious I felt (a fancy way to say horny), how often I woke up with nocturnal penile tumescence (aka NPT, aka morning wood), and how intense and long lasting my erections were throughout the day when I wasn’t engaging in any sexual activity.

With that in mind, I did control my exposure to each substance/dietary change by only doing one thing at a time. And then at the end I did all of the things all at once (it gets pretty funny… you’ll see soon).

I’m giddy writing this article right now. Over the past three months, my sex drive (and presumed testosterone levels) had a gradual and steady increase, which then culminated in a couple weeks where it was absolutely TOO much.

With a higher sex drive, you can open your woman sexually with more ease, and have more confidence in your sexual abilities.

So without further delay, here are the biggest lessons that I learned from three months of biohacking my sex life with supplements and minor dietary changes.


1. Remove toxins from your home environment and self-care regimen

One of the first things that I learned the importance of was removing toxins from my home and self-care regimen.

In my off-call conversation with Ben Greenfield, he told me about the importance of removing harmful chemicals from my household. Any unnatural cleaning products (whether I cleaned my stove or my face with them) would harm my sleep and therefore interfere with my testosterone production. And remember, testosterone is the sex and aggressions hormone and is absolutely critical in increasing your sex drive.

Ben’s article How To Detox Your Home deep-dives into the details and science of the matter.

So I got rid of all of the soaps, moisturizers, and others things that had parabens, aluminum, and other harmful chemicals in them that plugged up my body and interfered with my natural hormonal process. I also turned off my WiFi router and cell phone at night so that the EMF waves weren’t dancing around in my bedroom/home.

Whether it was strictly a placebo effect or not, I felt a noticeable difference in my sex drive within the first two weeks of cutting out all of the dyed/perfumed soaps and products from my house. And I was fully single during this time so I knew that the boost in drive wasn’t the rush of a new relationship that was giving me a surge in sex drive.

I truly believe that without detoxing my personal hygiene routine (I personally started using this soap and this deodorant to great effect and cut out every product from my self-care routine) the rest of the steps ahead wouldn’t have done nearly as much. The pathways to increased T-levels would have been blocked by the offending toxins and chemicals in my body.


2. Your diet matters

Eating clean, real foods, getting regular exercise, and having a full night’s sleep all contribute to your hormonal balance and testosterone production.

I’m going to skip all of the science that I found in books like this (my favourite book on the subject), and this (my second favourite book on the subject), and give you the cliffs notes of the 30+ hours of private study that I did to find out exactly what foods lead to higher testosterone levels.

Specific foods/kinds of foods to limit your intake of: sugar, caffeine, white flour, excessive starchy carbohydrates.

Best foods to consume for testosterone production: zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B, flaxseed oil, nettle root, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, radish, oatmeal (rolled oats/steel cut oats), garlic, pine nuts, eggs, broccoli, blackberries and blueberries (berries in limited amounts). Incidentally, the multivitamin that Ben now recommends does actually contain most of these compounds.

The more dark and colourful vegetables you consume, and the less processed crap you eat, the happier your body will be, and the healthier your sex drive will be.


3. Increase Your Intake Of Healthy Fats

As an add-on to the limiting of sugars, white flour, and starchy carbs, ensuring that your diet has an ample amount of polyunsaturated and saturated fats will help in your testosterone production.

Examples of recommended foods containing healthy fats? Coconut oil, raw nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds), grass-fed lean meat, avocados, olives and olive oil, and organic butter.

In the most intense phase of my diet-focused testosterone boosting I drank an organic raw egg before bed every night for a week (testosterone is derived from cholesterol… which eggs have in spades) and I woke up with insane morning wood every morning without fail. From making sure that I consumed some cholesterol and healthy fat before bed I noticed that I recovered more quickly from my workouts and my sex drive had a big shot in the arm.


4. Some books have much more useful information than others

There are a ton of resources out there on increasing testosterone naturally, and to be honest, they’re full of fluff stories and dry-sounding science. Stuff that I’m sure is all reputable and true, but it’s insanely boring (to me at least).

The three best books that I found on the subject (that were value dense, and also had a tone of voice that didn’t totally talk over my head) were The Natural Testosterone Plan, Testosterone For Life, and Clean. You can dig into those if you feel so compelled.


5. Pine Pollen

Remember earlier in the article where I mentioned that there came a time where I had stacked so many things that my sex drive started to become unbearably high? Well this last step was the force multiplier that took everything in high gear.

So by this point I had cleaned out/detoxed my body and home environment, limited foods that I knew were bad for me, increased my overall vegetable and healthy fat intake, and was getting better sleep more regularly.

I consulted with one of my friends who just recently turned 40 and he could pass for a jacked 30 year old. The guy is buff… as in, you can always see his veins even when he’s sitting and calmly reading a book. But he’s a vegetarian/organic loving guy who would never touch any kind of pharmaceutical drugs (so he wasn’t taking steroids or anything artificial like that). I asked him what his secret was… and he told me “pine pollen.”

I’d never heard of pine pollen before embarking on this journey, but now that I have I’m never going back.

My friend informed me that pine pollen wouldn’t take my testosterone levels PAST what was a good baseline for what my body wanted to produce, but it would feel like I had a major boost in drive because my body was likely drastically below what it wanted to be (from general poor diet or chronic stress/poor sleep, etc.)

The science behind pine pollen is still shaky at best but apparently the story goes that it is a natural phyto-androgen (which is a fancy way of saying tree sperm). It is also a complete protein, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is available in tablet or tincture form, but the tincture form is recommended only for men middle-aged and older, while the tablet can be taken by younger men, women, children, and the aged. Of course, anyone with a pine pollen allergy should avoid both forms.

Long story short, I started taking pine pollen tablets three times a day. My reasoning went like this “This product is probably just a natural health product that does very little, so let’s see what happens when I start off by taking the full dose… probably nothing.”

And I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The next morning I woke up with a raging erection like someone had slipped Cialis into my mouth while I was asleep.

The effects compounded over the next ten days as I continued the dosage at the full level. I told myself that I would give each phase of my T-boosting tests two weeks each (to really see if each phase made a difference), and the pine pollen phase was the only one that I had to cut short because it was too intense.

I could barely concentrate on anything. Every woman that walked by me looked amazing. Sex was on my mind constantly (and I have a relatively low sex drive normally so this was totally out of the ordinary for me).

After ten days of the fourteen day test, I cut my dosage back to half of the recommend amount and I felt much more like a human being again (and less like an animal).

The happy medium that I have found throughout this process is that I have continued to limit simple sugars, alcohol, and caffeine, make sleep a priority, eat more healthy fats, and take the pine pollen dosage just a few days per week. My sex drive has never been more steady, strong, and balanced, and I have more drive and motivation day to day.


So to wrap things up – start by cutting out the parabens and heavy metals in your self-care products, stop eating food that you know is bad for you, eat more healthy fats, get a good sleep, and if you're going to experiment with any supplements, try out pine pollen tablets.

Questions, comments or feedback about these five best supplements and foods to boost sexual performance? Leave your thoughts below!

P.S. I didn’t experiment with any prescription drugs (like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, etc.) during this process because that wasn’t the point of the exercise. I wanted to see if I could naturally boost my sex drive and re-balance my hormones without using drugs. I wasn’t opposed to natural health products like pine pollen, but any drug that I had to get a prescription for was off limits.

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111 thoughts on “The Five Best Supplements and Foods to Increase Sexual Performance.

  1. Randy B. says:

    Hi Ben,
    What do you recommend to do to help venous leakage? It is a reason why a lot of men have erectile dysfunction, including me. Even though I strain to keep my standing erection, I can only maintain it for a few seconds. Once I stop straining to keep it, it immediately goes flaccid. What can I do or take to sustain a standing erection? Are there any supplements or herbs you recommend? I am 63 and in otherwise good health. Thank you very much.

  2. “Just to add

    Because something is from a plant

    That doesnt make it safe

    Cocaine comes from the coca leaf

    Heroin from the poppy

    Although in chinese medicine pine pollen has been used for thousands of years its new to allot of us …

    Testosterone comes from pine or at least its a source of testosterone

    If you like your penis being active and enjoy sex like most men do

    Dont fuck around with pine pollen unless your an experienced adult.

    If you have problems with testosterone levels thst are genuine

    Go to a dr get hrt….

    If your just looking to build muscle fast then dont (there is no fast track)

    Put the hard work in ;)”

    1. Schmedly says:

      Well, my experience has been a bit different. Oral testosterone is denatured by pepsin in the stomach making it mostly useless. Pine pollen contains numerous ingredients that stimulate both the pituitary and pineal glands to signal an upregulation of endogenous testosterone. This is why testosterone supplementation (through injections or gels) result in hypogonadism – your body knows you didn’t make it and responds by shrinking your testicles. Pine pollen, however, doesn’t do this because it is acting at the origin of the signaling pathway. Additionally, the Phyto androgens when taken sublingually bypass stomach acids, but because the chemical structure is not identical to human testosterone, shrinkage has yet to be reported. I actually expect the tincture method to produce some shrinkage since there would have to be some feedback issues if it were to work at all.

  3. My husband swears by this tea Forever Eros and I know that it works for him.

  4. Anon uk says:

    Pine pollen is amazing for short term bursts of testosterone (a cycle approx 8 weeks max), if you read up about suppression and bypass the adverts that tell you it wont supress you before trying to sell you a bottle of pine pollen tincture, then youll think very carefully before using it.

    Basically from first hand experience after an eight week cycle i experienced suppression the same way a user of pro hormones or steroid users would. I have never used pro hormones or steroids (or sarms), i never intend too.

    My advice for anyone considering using it is to

    Buy the powdered extract 99% cracked cell wall in capsule form (tinctures are generally too strong)

    Chew one in the morning and hold under your tongue for a couple of minutes (that worked for me , im unaware of the science behind absorbtion or ratio) then have another one late afternoon the same way.

    Do this everyday or five days a week with two days off for one month then STOP. Abandon any source of external hormone you may you for one month. Invest in dim , nettle root etc

    And be prepared for a fallout.

    You will no longer have an external source of T / dhea (phyto androgens) in your body. Youll be worse off than when you started.

    If you enjoy that experience and want to feel great for one month then like shit for at least 2/3 weeks while your body desperately tries to adjust to creating its own testorone again then go for it but

    Whatever you do

    Dont be fooled by gimmicky adverts and people talking about how it changed their life

    There are side effects

    Any external hormone placed in the body for elongated peroids of time will eventually shut down your own production.

    Most steroids and pro hormones are not bio identical to the human bodies but they will shut you down

    So will pine pollen

    If your in your 20s

    Stay well clear

    I hope my advice helps

    Its first hand experience :)

    1. Anon uk says:

      Just to add
      Because something is from a plant
      That doesnt make it safe
      Cocaine comes from the coca leaf
      Heroin from the poppy

      Although in chinese medicine pine pollen has been used for thousands of years its new to allot of us …

      Testosterone comes from pine or at least its a source of testosterone
      If you like your penis being active and enjoy sex like most men do
      Dont fuck around with pine pollen unless your an experienced adult.
      If you have problems with testosterone levels thst are genuine
      Go to a dr get hrt….
      If your just looking to build muscle fast then dont (there is no fast track)
      Put the hard work in ;)

  5. Noah says:

    Hey Ben I am 22 years old and would like to use this for the gym as my sex drive and all is fine. My brother who is 40 takes this and says it works wonders and that it helped him bulk up. I was curious if it is safe for me to do or if this will stop my natural occurring hormones. Thank you!

    1. Noah says:

      * I forgot to add that I was planning on taking the Elevated pine pollen/nettle root tincture from raw forest foods. This is the 1:2 ratio if this helps!

    2. The tablet form is generally considered to be safe for younger men, whereas the tincture is intended to be used more by middle-aged men

      1. Noah says:

        Thank you Ben I appreciate the response! I will keep that in mind!

  6. Dylan says:

    Hi Ben,

    I am only 26 years old, so I find it strange to be looking at the website but here I am. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I love but her sex drive is much higher than mine. I can usually get and erection but it won’t last as long as I would like and will lose it in the middle of our time together which is really embarrassing. Even sometimes I find it hard to achieve and erection when I really want to. Now I’m not sure if its a mind thing or a body thing. I would like to try the pine pollen tablets you recommended. Do you think I am to young to be trying the tablets. Thanks.

    1. I'm not a licensed medical professional, so this shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. I would recommend consulting with your doctor before taking anything you are unsure of… Having said that, it is said to be pretty safe for people of diverse ages, unless of course you have a pine pollen allergy…

  7. Harry Parker says:

    I have enough vitality anyway. My penis size is not that bad. But, I still want to gain more size. I simply want more. It is for me to be more confident and for my partner too.

  8. Kayleigh Garner says:

    Hi Ben,

    I just wanted to ask for a suggestion for my partner. I have a really high sex drive and he’s not affectionate and he has a really really low sex drive, which is really affecting our relationship. I have depression and it’s making me feel really unattractive. He also suffers with depression. It’s just got to the point where I’m finding it really hard to deal with, since my sex drive is so high and I’m just feeling rejected constantly. He always says that he’s too tired when I try it on. I’ve ordered him pine pollen tablets and maca off the UK amazon, so there was very limited pine pollen tablets. Do you think it will help? I’m desperate, what dosage etc would you recommend? He’s in his mid twenties, so I’m guessing it’s the depression that’s causing it.

    1. I have resources on both depression and natural ways to increase testosterone. I'd start there.…… You can do a search on my site to find more, and I'd also recommend posting this to the Kion Community.

  9. Tonysiong says:

    I have been taking viriboost and it does not work? Why.

    Thank you.


    1. Couldn't tell you, I haven't taken it. I would try some of the recommendations listed in the article.

  10. Blake says:

    Hi there, good write up. Thanks. I’ve already eliminated most of the first step stuff. I use natural oil based soaps, natural toothpaste, organic natural dishwashing liquids and laundry detergent etc etc. Diet is pretty good: no alcohol caffeine ver very low sugars (just from fruit and honey really) and whole foods and veggies etc.

    I have a question about the pine pollen tablets, which ones did you take specifically? As in the brand etc. The link you left is to two different types of powders.


    1. Jimmy says:

      Is it safe to take pine pollen along with Maca and tongkat Ali or is this too much testosterone boosters? Will taking all three products together cause hair loss?

      1. Yes, that's a decent stack actually. I've never seen those cause hair loss.

  11. Food supplements are used as additional nutrients to our body. It is helpful to body’s development, however, we must also take cautious of using it permanently that there were always be a limitation and be mindful always.

  12. Aphrodisiac foods are very helpful also to increase sex drive and libido, however, it’s not just food eat to increase our testosterone count, we can also do some exercise.

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  14. paulat says:

    My husband started taking the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost (I actually purchased it for him), and he has been taking it for a little over a week now and I can tell the difference…he has a noticeable improvement in his stamina, strength and energy. After a certain age, its best to supplement your testosterone, and this stuff works, and he said he doesnt not have any side effects. We both are enjoying it :)

    1. Great to hear, Paula, thanks.

  15. Muhammad Tariq says:

    I am 48, my height is 6-3 feet, my bmi is 29.

    I want that I must ready for sex all the time. In the traveling, at work place, at home I must feel hunger for sex.

    Is there any true medication or herbal that fulfill my this desire.

    Please help me.

    Muhammad Tariq

    Peshawar Pakistan

    1. zeeshan tipu says:

      You must take Gonadil F capsules for two weeks and after it tale Surbex Z for a month.

  16. Nuru says:

    Hi Ben, i found my self for a long time without sex, i came to realize my performance is low,with very little appetite,what can i do?

    1. chris says:

      am Chris.age unable to perform sexually sometimes.av low libido and my penis elect for few minutes than expected. help please

  17. viona says:

    what do you think about dark chocolate? i just read that it can increase sex drive

      1. ihsan shah says:

         Have Lost My Sex Power Due To Regular Masturbation, What Should I Do?

    1. Olowofoyekun Oyewale says:

      Yes that’s true, I read about that for a very long time but I don’t know if too much of it can also cause side effect or too much sugar in the body

  18. Stephany says:

    My husband used to be busy all the time and it was making him to be tired at nights, also he has a very low drive, it was affecting our marriage, we went to the doctor and he recommended my husband to change his lifestyle, also he told my husband about Alpharise health, its been 5 months and things have changed for better, he is still busy (becaose of his job) but the supplement has helped him to increase his drive, and of course we still have ups and lows in our marriage but sex is not longer the problem.

  19. Yusuf Fadile says:

    please how can I get pine pollen tablets in Nigeria

  20. ross leland says:

    Hi, My issue is that I’m a renal transplant patient on immunosurpressant drugs ” poison “.. So out of the numerous supplements discussed here, which one would best benefit me safely and without drug interactions ?



    1. I should begin by clarifying the fact that I am *not* a physician and this is *not* to be interpreted as medical advice. Please talk to a licensed medical professional about all of this! But I've seen zero evidence that pine pollen deleteriously affects kidneys and, frankly, detoxing your home, eating healthy, etc. and the other tips above are probably only going to HELP both kidneys *and* drive!

  21. Davor says:

    Hi Ben – I’ve ordered pine pollen, along with tribulus and stinging nettle supplements (as capsules) as you recommend all three as great drive enhancers.

    Would you suggest taking all three supps at once or going through cycles to test each one? I’m worried if I take them all it would either negate the positive effects or have to much off an effect!

    Keep up the great work on an amazing website!

    1. You can totally use all three at once.

  22. Dan Bynum says:

    I am 72 and healthy, I do not smoke or drink, I exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, plus chicken, turkey and fish with very little red meat. I am the same weight now that I was in 1967. My problem is balancing sex supplements. I still love and enjoy intimacy. I take 2 tablets of Choline each day and two thirty minutes before sex, DHEA 200 mg am, Korean Ginseng 600mg pm and one hour before sex, I take Gingko Biloba 600mg am/pm, Saffron 88mg pm and an hour before sex, Horny Goat weed 500mg mid-day and 2 hours before sex, L-Citrulline 1000mg taken mid-day and two hours before sex. Considering that L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine but it can cause problems with Viagra. Can you sort out the mess I’m in and let me know the essential supplements and the ones that can be dropped. I have sex in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    1. Hey Dan,

      This is a little too much to go over here, I'd suggest you book a consult at <a href="” target=”_blank”> and choose 20 or 60 minutes and we'll get you scheduled to go over everything there.

  23. Zafar says:

    Is pine pollen available in Pakistan. If yes where

    1. I'm not sure myself, google is your friend!

  24. Shenon says:

    I would like to say that my sex timing is very less in first short its maximum a minute.

    How come i can increase it?please tell me briefly

    I shall be thankful to you.

    1. Read this article!

  25. Majid says:

    I Have a timing issue during Sex, any one can help me…. which supplement will be better …. i am 48 now…

    1. Zeb says:

      Verona plus

  26. Ash says:

    Does anyone has ringing in the ears and sleepless nights after taking Pine Pollen powder? What are the side effects? or maybe I am allergic? to PP

    1. Never had something like that happen. Possible you are allergic. I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

    2. James says:

      Could be Tinnittus (Maybe spelled incorectly). Its inflamation of the ear drum

  27. Charles says:

    Is there a store chain like GNC or Whole foods that sell pine pollen or is it only sold on line?

    1. Be careful online but if from a reputable source you can indeed buy it online…Surthrival is good:

  28. Hannes Bekker says:

    Where can i buy the pine pollen tablets in South Africa? Thank you.Hannes

    1. It looks like you MAY be able to get Surthrival brand there:…

  29. 2pac2000 says:


    I suffer from acne and was wondering if the Pine Pollen will aggravate my acne more?

    Also is it true by taking pine pollen in the long run it will affect your natural testosterone production?

    1. Pine Pollen won't shut down your endogenous testosterone production (at least never shown in clinical studies to do so). Unlikely it would cause acne. Pine Pollen can actually be used externally, to successfully treat skin conditions of all kinds. It can be made into a cream to apply directly to the skin when battling eczema, acne, impetigo, and diaper rash. The arginine in Pine Pollen helps with skin issues.

  30. johnny o'dea says:

    How can you be tested to find out if you are allergic or not to Pine Pollen, is there a way to do it on your own like putting the liquid form on your skin to test it ?

    thanks and what is the multi vitamin you suggested ?

    1. Cyrex has the best food allergy panels and the only ones that are, in my opinion, extremely accurate. I recommend their Array 3, Array 4 and Array 10. But you could also just "trial" Pine Pollen to see how you respond. The multi I recommend is at

  31. Amos says:

    Were can i get pine pollen suppliment capsules ,I just recently started with libi due .Iam at Randfontein ,with work at Rustenburg .please need that help of your pine pollen supplement .

  32. Matthew Njoroge says:

    Thank you so much for the insights and I hope this will help me and my clients in ABC’s of health.

  33. SrayJay says:

    hello again
    I was wondering about cycing supplements. You mentioned earlier that you cycle Pine Pollen every couple of months. How long do you take it and then how long do you stop until taking it again? Do you recommend cycling for all types of herbal supplements? Thanks for your help.

  34. SrayJay says:

    Hello Again
    I was wondering if you could recommend a book and/or website that gives specific receipes and/or foods to consume that would be considered "healthy fats" etc. What receipes/foods to you consistently consume in that category and were you concerened about elevating your cholesterol levels? Thanks again.

    1. We have tons of recipes and cooking advice (plus a great forum) over at you should check that out.

  35. SrayJay says:

    Hope I'm not a bother, lots of questions as I begin my journey with this stuff. What vit B supplement did you take? Also, have you read Chad Howe's book "The Man Diet" and if so what are your thoughts on that?

    1. jordangraycoach says:

      Hi SrayJay,

      I haven't read the Man Diet so I can't comment. I read the books listed in Ben's article above. I took this B complex supplement –…

  36. SrayJay says:

    Great article. I have been reading it over and over again, along with the links provided. I have been having some ED problems. I am 40 years old and married 10 years. I have just started implementing the steps in this article. I do have a few questions I hope someone can answer.
    1. I noticed the pine pollen tablets the author suggested are no longer available from amazon. Therefore, I planned on purchasing the Wild Harvested brand and wondered if anyone knows if this is a legit tablet and safe to take? Is there another place to purchase the tablets suggested by the author?
    2. Did the author take vitamin/mineral supplements for zinc, vit C, vit B, etc, etc? In the article those were linked to amazon.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. jordangraycoach says:

      Hi SrayJay,

      1. I haven't tried the Wild Harvested brand myself. See what the Amazon reviews have to say about it. And if it's too new of a product to not have at least 15-20 reviews, then wait a while until it has accumulated them.
      2. Yes, I took those specific vitamin and mineral supplements.

      1. SrayJay says:

        Thanks for the quick response. Are you still taking the pine pollen? And if so, are you using the Raw Forest Food Tablets? And if so, where are you purchasing them from? If not, what brand? Thanks again!!

        1. jordangraycoach says:

          Hi SrayJay,

          I had been taking pine pollen up until recently (I cycle it on and off every few months) and I had been using my personal stash (since I bulk-bought a TON of it once I first felt it working). So unfortunately I can't be of much use to you in recommending a new or better one. My best advice? Buy a pack from 2-3 different Amazon based suppliers (that have positive reviews in the 4 and 5 star range) and test each brand for a couple of weeks each to see which one reacts the best with you and your body.

          Best of luck!

          1. SrayJay says:

            I checked on Amazon again and they must have resupplied with the Raw Forest product you mention in a previous reply, so some is on the way!

            Also wondering if you took a flaxseed supplement or did you simply add some flaxseed in your diet? Same goes for nettle root too? Thanks again for the quick replies and help!

          2. jordangraycoach says:

            Hi SrayJay,

            I put flaxseed oil in my morning smoothie, and took nettle root capsules once per week.

          3. Mikey says:

            Thanks for the great article. You mention a morning smoothie in the comments with flaxseed oil. Will you share the complete recipe for the smoothie?

  37. Louis Moore says:

    Thanks for the great post.

    I’ve had great results with Pine Pollen. Great for fitness and boosting drive.

    Any thoughts on Tongkat Ali?


    1. I list it among a few good anti-oxidant compounds that seem to make their way to the testicles after ingestion and exert protective effects. I briefly discussed it in a podcast a while back and noted that it may indeed increase Luteinizing Hormone similar to bulbine.…

  38. rsasprinter says:

    Hi Ben

    With the natural boost it gives to testosterone etc, as a competitive athlete will this render a positive drug test?
    I am tested by USADA and WADA regularly.

    1. Well, you're allowed up to a 4:1 T to EpiT ratio…so the question would be how this affects that ratio. I am not 100% sure, but the best idea would be to do N=1 testing during any non-tested phases of your season to see if it affects that ratio…

  39. fdr63 says:

    As there are many brands out in the market, do you have any recommendations on brands or what to look for before purchasing? Also, how about dosage recommendations for male vs female, per pound of bodyweight etc? Any suggestions on studies that show direct links for improving athletic performance?
    Thanks in advance

    1. jordangraycoach says:

      I had a close friend (mentioned in the above article) who had researched more heavily than I had regarding the pine pollen tinctures/powders/tablets and I trusted his opinion on going with the Raw Forest Foods tablets. I don't know if men and women would need separate doses but I was taking three tablets per morning and three per night at my peak and it was working phenomenally for me. And I personally know of no studies that show direct links for improving athletic performance but I also haven't sought them out – my sole intention was to see if I could alter my drive.

      1. fdr63 says:

        Awesome. Thanks for the updateVr Jobie Roach.Jobie RoachCell: 813-422-4854

  40. stepanek1 says:

    I tried Pine pollen extract few years ago( half a teaspoon few times a day) . Definitely had some good results with building muscle and getting leaner… When i stopped i noticed that my sex drive plummeted when before taking pine pollen it had been normal and waking up with a woody…Also i felt little bit more tired than usually. I dont think there is a lot of knowledge taking exogenous substances that contain hormones and hormone precursors even if its a natural food like pine pollen is. Your bodys own production becomes lazy and your receptors become desensitised if it gets used to exogenous ways of getting these hormones… I am definetely not gonna mess with pine pollen again and i have tried a lot of stuff.

  41. jordangraycoach says:

    Absolutely hemming01. The sole reason that I experimented with pine pollen to boost my sex drive is because it's primary benefit is testosterone boosting. I noticed a real tangible burst in drive (likely based on the T boosting) within 48 hours of starting the use of my pine pollen tablets.

  42. hemming01 says:

    Following on from the question about pine pollen and adrenal fatigue. Do you know if pine pollen can be used to boost testosterone? I'm recovering from overtraining and undereating and I was wondering if pine pollen could help me.

  43. kristoffer86 says:

    Is pine -pollen good against adrenal fatigue?

    1. IF the adrenal fatigue is related to SYMPATHETIC nervous system overtraining (e.g. too much weight training, intensity, etc.) then I suspect the answer is YES due the hormonal boost it can give.

  44. Steve says:

    Wow never heard of pine pollen doing that. I been taking l-arginine and eating beets + juicing , morning wood indeed. Will try the pine pollen thanks Ben!

  45. kylesmith20 says:

    What are your thoughts on Macca Root? Also was there a particular brand or source of Pine Pollen that you were consuming? Keep up the great work. Your shows and articles have changed how my wife and I live our lives.

    1. jordangraycoach says:

      Thank you for saying so Kyle Smith. I deeply appreciate it.

      I tested out multiple forms of maca/maca root/maca powder and, for me personally, they didn't have nearly the level of effect that pine pollen did. Same goes with multiple forms of ginseng supplements that I tested out.

      And I used Raw Forest Foods tablets ( )

      1. RAISHI says:

        Did you have a sexual partner while on the PINE Pollen? (Was the effect a full hormone increase or was it only morning erections) Thnx

        1. I didn't test hormones but it DEFINITELY helped with erections…

  46. Jessica says:

    Should women take pine pollen??

    1. cookecc says:

      I would also like to know if women can take pine pollen- or other ways for women specifically to raise their testosterone

      1. jordangraycoach says:

        Hi Jessica and cookecc,

        Since I was a one person test (and I am a male) I can't say from personal experience if it would benefit women, but the research that I have found has all suggested that it would help women in a similar fashion (in that it would boost testosterone and overall drive).

        Primary source:…

        Secondary source:…

        All of the above tips should help in raising testosterone levels (lowering stress, sleeping well, eating clean, and eating foods that boost T levels).

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