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OK, I'm going to make this fairly quick. If you don't want to read this post, you can even download the audio announcement by clicking here!

I am completely re-designing the Shape21 Lean Body Manual. After 4 years of learning unique food sensitivity and nutrition tactics for enhancing rapid weight loss, the new Shape21 Lean Body Manual is going to feature a unique, holistic and 100% allergen-free diet. Your cells will have no choice but to eliminate toxins and fats as rapidly as possible!

And the book is still going to retain the proprietary easy-to-understand, no-fancy-gym-equipment-required lean body exercise routine that hundreds of individuals have used to rapidly shed through body fat.

***But that's not all***.

As a part of the new Shape21 release, beginning on May 21st, 2009, I will be selecting 21 males and 21 females to be given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a 63 day rapid fat loss challenge using a 100% free copy of the brand new, re-designed Shape21 Lean Body Manual. The book doesn't go public until July 1, 2009, but these 42 individuals will get a chance to try it out before anyone else.

Do you have what it takes?

Just go to https://www.shape21.com/shape21challenge to sign-up. You'll automatically receive a FREE copy of the official “Body Fat Calculator Manual” – an easy-to-use guide for measuring your own body fat and a $30 value!

Oh yeah, that's not all.

The top male and top female from the 63 day fat loss challenge will be awarded with the following list of fantastic prizes:

A giant 24 pack case of Cherry Pharm Natural Health & Recovery Cherry Juice, as well as a quick dry t-shirt from Cherry Pharm. $75 value!

One bottle Enerprime Superfood Multi-Vitamin – never get sick again and feel like a million bucks 24-7. $50 value!

Gymstick portable exercise device – for quick and convenient muscle toning and fat burning. $80 value!

One bottle fat loss or human performance supplement of choice from Millennium Sports Technologies! $50 value!

ActionWipes mesh bag filled with wipes, sports spray, muscle joint gel and lip care balm. $45 value!

That's over $300 of swag.

I'll be handpicking the winners based on photo and text updates over the course of the 63 day challenge. Get in on the challenge now. It's free, and yes, you'll receive a free copy of Shape21 and be entered to win all the prizes listed above.

Just go here: https://www.shape21.com/shape21challenge

Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment to this blog post! This will likely fill up by the first week of May, so click here to fill out the free application!

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