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If you listen to the recent podcast that discusses some amazing facts about the link between exercise, fat loss and supplements, I mention two recent studies that identified scientifically proven ingredients in topical creams/lotions that can significantly increase the loss of adipose tissue. In the studies, subjects achieved significant fat loss (1-2mm loss of subcutaneous fat) using the product for a period of 4-12 weeks.

The first ingredient is called “glycyrrhetinic acid”. After a comprehensive search, I could only locate one cream that actually contained this ingredient. It is called TargeX TDS. It can be found by clicking here.

The second ingredient is called “aminophylline”. It can be found in a product called Ab-Solution Plus, which you can find by clicking here and performing a search for the product.

So how do these fat burning creams actually work?

The first method is via an increase in the release of norepinephrine. Unfortunately, when administered orally, norepinephrine can cause tachycardia (high heart rate), high blood pressure, and anxiety. Therefore, a transdermal application such as a skin lotion or cream, would have to be highly targeted to the adipose tissue underlying the area to which it was administered. When applied, the actual activity of the fat-burning enzymes (lipolytic enzymes) would be enhanced.

Another effect is vasodilation, or increased blood flow to a specific area. Enhancing blood flow to areas high in fat can increase the mobilization and disposal of free fatty acids that have been activated by “lipolysis”, the body's breakdown of fat. Of course, the lipolytic enzymes that allow for lipolysis would need to have been activated for this to work, thus a skin-heating cream would not be effective by itself.

A comprehensive article on this topic can be found by clicking here.

Study 1: Diabetes Obesity Metabolism, July 2007, primary author: Caruso

Study 2: Steroids, July 2005, primary author: Armanini

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7 thoughts on “Fat Burning Creams & Lotions

  1. David Mayers says:

    Eating at inappropriate times of the day seems to contribute to weight gain. Recent studies have shown that the circadian rhythm (the internal 'clock' of the human body) plays an important role in how the body uses energy. It is believed that sleep, hormones and body temperature are contributing factors in how people store fat. Better planning of meals seems to be the key to reducing obesity rates.

  2. It’s possible…I can’t seem to find it either…

  3. Nancy says:

    Hey Ben ! I was woundering if this can be used by women as well? I just want to lose a small amount of fat on my belly. Be rely ASAP, thanks :)

    1. Absolutely. More women use it than men!

  4. Pat,

    I'll address this question in the Q&A section of this week's podcast!


  5. Pat G. says:

    After severing my patella eight years ago, and after bone carpentry (term used by my surgeon) I literally sat for nearly a year and during that time my quads wouldn’t respond to any brain commands to even flex! When I was up and around again, I noticed cellulite had developed between my knees and hips. Once regular workouts began, and now this many years later, the cellulite pretty much still remains on top of the muscles. I am looking fwd. to trying at least one of these products to see if the cellulite diminishes. I am curious what this topical cream does to the skin texture with repeated applications? Thanks for the helpful info. I’m linking friends to your site.

  6. lorie says:

    Cool website Ben. thank you for all the good information.

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