“Spokane Physiologist and Metabolic Expert Launches New Concept For A Cutting-Edge Medical, Metabolic, Nutritional and Fitness Program That Is Catered to You and Affordably Available to Groups!”

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Imagine if you showed up to a personal trainer, but instead of just a simple and basic exercise or diet routine, you had access to:

Exercise metabolic testing to determine your exact caloric needs, fat burning and maximum fitness response heart rates, and unique biochemical and nutrient utilization profile.

-Body composition, dynamic range-of-motion and fitness testing to identify structural imbalances, assess your personal fitness levels, and customize a program to your body.

-Detailed workout calendar and nutritional plans, with daily instructions for every aspect of your program – fitness, diet and lifestyle!

Unlimited phone and e-mail access to a physiologist, nutritionist and metabolic expert.

-Full access to any necessary medical testing procedures, including comprehensive blood metabolic profiles, thyroid screening, hormone analysis, and biomechanical evaluation.

-Ability to split the entire cost of the program among a group of friends, or among a group that we find for you to join! This is a new feature that allows for a very high degree of affordability.

Don't pinch yourself. It's all available right here in Spokane, Washington, in a program directed by Ben Greenfield and overseen at Champions Sports Medicine in the beautiful Gonzaga district of Spokane, Washington. Click here for more information about Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, CPT, C-ISSN.

Are you ready to begin? It's time to re-invent your body and turn your life around, with zero guesswork. We have access to every necessary test to discover exactly what is going on in your body, including food allergies, hormone issues, metabolic syndromes, or nutritional needs. Simply complete the information below, and we'll contact you immediately.

“My name is

and I'm interested in finding out more about how I can receive a comprehensive package that includes medical and metabolic testing, nutritional consulting and exercise planning and unlimited access to a personal trainer. I understand that if I desire, I can divide the cost of this program by any number of friends that I want to participate with me, or I can even join a pre-existing group for the same cost-savings! My e-mail is

and my phone is

. Please have Ben Greenfield personally contact me within 48 hours.”

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