The Secret Brain Bellyfat Connection.

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Want to know a crazy fact?

Your brain shrinks with every pound of bellyfat you gain.

And what’s more, did you know that a quick way to know if your brain is healthy is to look at your skin?

A study of over 8,000 people has revealed that saggy skin and eye bags are a direct reflection of the condition of your brain.

I'm not saying this to scare you, but it's certainly good to know that reasons for you to lose fat go way above and beyond just getting a six pack. This stuff also affects your mental function, and thus your productivity, your relationships and your motivation.

But don’t worry, it turns out that most brain issues are completely reversible with simple dietary changes.

Where did I learn this stuff?

I picked up this brain belly fat connection (and a ton more) in a bunch of free videos that I'm going to be releasing over the next 4 weeks at the Ben Greenfield Fitness Google+ page.

Each video is something I got access to during a pre-screening of an online event called “Future Of Health Now”, which is being held in early July this year. You can get on the Future Of Health Now waitlist by clicking here – and I'll certainly be showing you a bunch more about the July event in the videos that I release on Google+ over the next several weeks.

This brain bellyfat connection is really just a fraction of what I learned in The Future Of Health Now, where a group of over 20 scientists, doctors, and thought leaders from places like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford shared discoveries that seem like they are from the future, but exist now.

Here's some other cool information that I picked up:

1. There is a nutrient that costs just pennies a day which can prevent and reverse most diseases we have and almost all of us are deficient in it.

2. There is a simple device you hold in the palm of your hand that gets better results than dangerous blood pressure medications. And this information was published in the Harvard Newsletter.

3. Stretching may actually be BAD for you. Once you hear it you will be convinced as well. There is a whole new way we should all be moving.

4. Some of the choices you make can actually damage the DNA of your offspring (and there are certain foods that can undo this damage).

These are just a few of things discussed in the videos I'll be releasing to you at the Ben Greenfield Fitness Google+ page.

All the information in the videos is evidence based, and not some kind woo woo science. I promise that you are going to learn a ton, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the information you'll get.

You can get into Future Of Health Now by clicking here , or you can just go over to the Ben Greenfield Fitness Google+ page, where I'll be releasing cliff notes and thoughts about each video.

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9 thoughts on “The Secret Brain Bellyfat Connection.

  1. bridgethall says:

    Oh, great. Now I have more reasons to worry about those extra pounds. Looks like I have to get that non invasive fat reduction procedure done soon, before my brain shrivels up into a pea or something.

  2. Maura Taylor says:

    Hi Ben, I've been listening to your podcasts for the last couple of weeks and really enjoy hearing your take on health and fitness. I am doing my first olympic distance triathlon at the end of August and would like to try to burn some belly fat that just stubbornly will not go away no matter how much I exercise and how well I eat. Can you recommend a fat burning supplement that can be used in conjunction with my training and one that will not have harmful side affects? Also, I know that these supplements should also not be taken year-round, so what would be your recommendation for how to long use these supplements and when to ween off of them. Thanks!

    1. Sure Maura, I'd do 1-2 Thermofactor and 1-2 Lean Factor capsules 30-60 minutes before your two biggest meals of the day (i.e. breakfast and dinner), and take them every day until August! You can get them at

      1. Maura Taylor says:

        Great! I'm ready to try them both :-) I live on the pacific coast of Mexico, would it be possible to ship them down to me? DHL, Fedex or UPS works though DHL is preferred since its faster and there's an office in my little town. Let me know, thanks!

        1. Yes, we ship anywhere in the world!

  3. kris says:

    This seems more like a scam than anything.Why do they expect you to listne through all the garbage before making the offer
    I wont be buying from Bens sponsors if he starts hoking up with ad based revenue streams to rip folk off & will influnce others to move away also if he sells his soul for to big pharama & the corporate bullshiters

    1. Wow Kris. I'm giving you access to a bunch of free videos. You'd think maybe you'd say thanks for the heads up!

  4. Jon says:

    Sounds almost to good to be true. I will definitely check it out.

  5. Athos Carvalho says:

    Hi Ben!Tuesday(05jun) I started your diet guide for triathlete!Thanks

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