Video & Transcript of Ben’s “Top Ten Biggest Fitness & Nutrition Breakthroughs”

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In today's post, I reveal my top 10 biggest fitness & nutrition breakthroughs of 2010. Do you have questions or comments? Leave them below! I'd love to hear YOUR biggest fitness or nutrition breakthrough of 2010!

Here's what you get in this free video and instantly downloadable booklet:

1. Why the Paleo diet is totally WRONG about grains.

2. How to get a huge aerobic capacity without touching cardio equipment.

3. Why the advice to “eat several small meals per day” is a total MYTH.

4. When yoga can be a complete WASTE of time.

5. Why they're lying when they tell you crunches “don't work”.

6. Why “healthy” whey protein could be very bad for you.

7. How to exercise starved *without* cannibalizing muscle.

8. How I stay lean and muscular for months at a time without EVER stepping into a gym.

9. Step-by-step protocol to 2x testosterone levels in men and automatically maximize sex drive in women.

10. How to instantly become a faster swimmer, cyclist or runner with ONE potent workout.


For you party-goers, this booklet includes a *BONUS* where you'll learn how to engage in an “off-the-cliff” binge and experience zero hangover or headache.

Finally, remember: all links in the booklet are 100% clickable!

The video is below:

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Do you have questions or comments? Leave them below! I'd love to hear YOUR biggest fitness or nutrition breakthrough of 2010!

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14 thoughts on “Video & Transcript of Ben’s “Top Ten Biggest Fitness & Nutrition Breakthroughs”

  1. Balazs says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve just listened to your podcast 185 and wonder if you could share the video and or pdf of this topic?


      1. Balazs says:

        Hi Ben,

        Thanks! I found this article (nutrition breakthroughs) as it was referred to in no. 185 podcast. However, the video linked on this page does no longer work and I seem to be unable to find any transcripts for the video/article.

        The page says:
        The video is below:

        [leadplayer_vid id=”50DB012918C0A”]>

        I would appreciate if you could somehow share the following, rather old video or transcript, namely:
        Video & Transcript of Ben’s “Top Ten Biggest Fitness & Nutrition Breakthroughs”
        Many thanks.

        Have a wonderful day,

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi Ben, thanks for the relply, you rock :)

  3. Jenn says:

    Hi Ben, i just learned about you from the get fit guy podcast! I am loving all the information you are putting out there.
    I had a similar question as Pete and just wanted clarify, i like to do interval training in the morning, I have an infant and that is when I can squeeze it in without interruption, and I do it first thing on an empty stomach then I have breakfast. I see you say it is better to do light cardio first thing. I am not trying to lose weight, I get want get stronger and leaner. Is it productive to do a harder workout in a fasted state is my question. Thanks and I look forward to reading and listening to more of your info.

    1. Harder workouts require muscle carbohydrate (glycogen). So if you're fasted to the extent that your storage carbohydrate is low, it gets counterproductive to do hard workouts fasted. But if, for example, you ate dinner 10-12 hours before, it's not a big deal.

  4. Pete says:


    You have talked numerous times about intermittent fasting where you stop eating right after dinner and do some light/moderate intensity cardio in the a.m before breakfast. Due to my schedule, I was thinking of modifying this workout. Would there be any disadvantage to say: Eating my last meal around 11pm, exercising in a fasted state and finishing the workout around 11am, and then eating my post-workout meal after (about lunch time)?

    The reason I'm asking is that I know skipping breakfast can have negative effects later in the day, but taking into account some cardio after a 12+ hr fast, will there be similar benefits to a more typical schedule (like the one you follow)?

    Thanks- glad to see that your site is still going strong and expanding, it's a wealth of reliable knowledge among the sea of mis-information that is the internet.

    – Pete

    1. Big difference Pete. When you finish a workout, your body needs recovery as some point in those next few hours, like amino acids and carbs. By depriving your body after that evening ride you restrict recovery and increase cortisol release potential…

      1. Pete says:

        Maybe my question wasn't clear. I was asking about doing a fasted late morning workout and I plan on eating a post workout meal right after. Essentially I would be skipping breakfast all together with this approach.

        1. Oops I did misunderstand! That approach would be fine!

  5. scott says:

    what do you think about cliff bars? any suggestions?

    1. Scott..I answered this in podcast #131

  6. Wanda Byrom says:

    Great stuff! Thanks Ben!

  7. just logged to your site as I traveled through my work with Gymstick with Chris. Interesting

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